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Accountancy at Aberdeen gives you thorough grounding in theory, practice and business skills, taught by experts in accounting practice, with the advantage of real-life employers and scenarios integrated in to your programme. You will gain a path to professional accreditation,…


Anthropology at Aberdeen is a wide and fascinating exploration of humankind and what it means to ‘be human’, the differences in human cultures and societies and how they have developed across the world, and a special focus on the northern…


Archaeology is a diverse and wide-ranging discipline that spans the humanities and physical sciences and is unique in exploring the human past in its entirety. In seeking to understand how ancient people lived their lives, structured their world, and engaged…

Behavioural Studies

Behavioural Studies at Aberdeen is a fascinating exploration of what ‘makes us tick’ as humans, learning from international experts in developmental, social and industrial psychology, neuroscience, memory, language and cognition. You will enjoy a supportive and stimulating teaching environment that…


Biochemistry attempts to understand the complex array of molecules and their interactions which come together to create all living things.

Biological and Environmental Sciences

A wide range of biological science degree options, allowing you to shape your studies to suit your career aspirations and interests.

Biomedical Sciences

The primary goal of Biomedical Science is to enhance understanding of human body function in health and disease.


Biotechnology is the application of biology to improve the quality of human life.

Business Management

Business Management at Aberdeen explores the theory and practice of how people and organisations are managed in a highly competitive global business environment, taught by leaders in this highly topical field. You will benefit from real-life scenarios and the input…

Celtic & Anglo-Saxon Studies

Celtic & Anglo-Saxon Studies at Aberdeen is an exciting new programme, building on a strong track record of Celtic teaching to offer a fascinating, flexible and interdisciplinary study of the Celtic, Anglo-Saxon, and Scandinavian peoples. You will cross traditional boundaries…


Chemistry students perform practical work with state-of-the-art instrumentation and staff include internationally recognised researchers in material, biomolecular and environmental chemistry.


Helping doctors to treat a newborn baby, analysing the huge volume of data from the human genome, tracking jet engines in flight and ensuring that maintenance is planned accordingly, and making online shopping easier and more secure - these are…


Designed specifically for graduates, the BDS degree focuses on independent and reflective learning, with practical clinical teaching introduced early in the first year to maximise your clinical experience.

Single Honours


Divinity at Aberdeen focuses on the study of the Christian faith and tradition in the context of its history, institutions and its role today. Whether you have a personal, vocational or intellectual interest in learning more about the Christian faith,…


Economics at Aberdeen gets to grips with the global economy and the factors that influence wealth from a social and financial perspective, taught by leading economists. You will gain thorough understanding of economic theories and models and explore how they…


Primary Education at Aberdeen produces creative, motivated and highly-skilled primary teachers confident to work with children in any educational setting. You will benefit from flexibility, opportunity, research, new tools, exceptional staff, and placements ranging from schools on remote Scottish islands…


Scotland's number 1 School of General Engineering and 10th in the UK - Complete University Guide 2016/17.

Exceptional range of BEng and MEng engineering programmes available, all following a "general engineering" approach in years one and two.


English at Aberdeen gives you all the advantages of a highly-rated teaching, research and creative hub, taught by internationally renowned academics, writers and poets. You will be inspired in the wonderful environment of a historic university with an award-winning library,…

European Studies

An overview of the European Studies undergraduate subject area is coming soon.

Exercise and Health Science

Exercise and Health Science examines the role of sport and exercise as a means of improving quality of life.

Film & Visual Culture

Film & Visual Culture at Aberdeen takes you on a fascinating and unique journey through the history and theory of the moving image over the last 100 years of cinema, in the vibrant environment of a leading teaching and research…


Finance at Aberdeen gives you a powerful understanding of the principles of finance in a fast-moving global setting, and the business skills to take advantage of the many opportunities available to sought-after Aberdeen graduates across business and public sector, expected…


French at Aberdeen has an outstanding reputation, top-rated for teaching, with broad, flexible and diverse programmes covering language, literature, history and culture, researching topics from the Middle Ages to the present day and the Caribbean to North Africa. You will…

Single Honours

Joint Honours

Major-Minor Honours

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Joint Honours

Major-Minor Honours

Gaelic Studies

Gaelic Studies at Aberdeen is the perfect programme and location to explore the Gaelic language, its history, literature and Gaelic culture up to the present day. Whether you are a native speaker or complete beginner, you will be inspired by…


Genetics is the study of the inherited differences between individuals and is central to biology, medicine and biotechnology.


Geography is key to understanding and resolving many of the most pressing problems faced by society, and the new curriculum reflects the changing nature of these problems and current approaches to addressing them.


Geology provides a knowledge of the way the Earth works and is vital to the understanding of the nature and origin of Earth's resources.

Geology at Aberdeen continues its rise in the top 10 best places to study the subject…


German at Aberdeen has an outstanding reputation, top-rated for teaching, with broad, flexible and diverse programmes covering language, literature, history and culture, with four or five-year options, study periods abroad, and many subject combinations for which a major European language…

Single Honours

Joint Honours

Major-Minor Honours

You May Also Be Interested In

Joint Honours

Major-Minor Honours


History at Aberdeen is the opportunity to immerse yourself in rich study of all aspects of human adventure in the past, exploring the medieval, early modern and modern periods in Scotland, Europe, America, Asia and Africa at a University steeped…

History of Art

History of Art at Aberdeen provides the opportunity to study the art of all periods in Europe and America - architecture, sculpture, drawing, painting, print, and decorative and industrial arts - at a University steeped in 500 years of social…


Immunology is the study of how the body defends itself against the huge variety of pathogenic microorganisms it may encounter.

Language and Linguistics

Language and Linguistics at Aberdeen is the fascinating exploration of human language and how speech evolved to create a bridge between sound and meaning. You will study the ways in which we acquire languages as children and adults, how languages…


Law at Aberdeen gives you a unique experience of breadth, depth, choice and quality, with courses accredited by the Law Society of Scotland and Society of Advocates. You can add options in English law, a modern European language or legal…

Legal Studies

Legal Studies is a Joint degree which allows students to combine Legal Studies with a wide range of other subjects and is an attractive degree for students who wish to combine the study of the law with another subject.


Mathematics is a powerful universal language used to describe situations in abstract terms.

Mechanical Engineering

If you enjoy exploring an idea and moving it towards a finished moving product, Mechanical Engineering offers you a chance to develop your skills and knowledge in this area. There is no better place to study Engineering than in the…


At Aberdeen, you will study medicine in a thriving medical school that is co-located on one of the largest clinical sites in Europe, with superb teaching and extensive research facilities.

Single Honours


Microbiology is the study of bacteria, yeasts and viruses at the level of protein and gene, cell, and microbial community.

Molecular Biology

Molecular biology is one of great successes of 20th century science, culminating in the determination of the complete human genome sequence.


Music at Aberdeen is a wonderful opportunity to learn, compose and perform with world-renowned composers, conductors, musicologists and researchers working in all genres, styles and periods. You will benefit from first-class facilities and instruments, have unrivalled opportunities to grow as…

Neuroscience with Psychology

By unravelling the mysteries of normal brain function, Neuroscience promotes our understanding of the devastating illnesses of the brain which afflict the lives of so many people.


Pharmacology is about the discovery and characterisation of drugs that are used either as medicines or as experimental tools for advancing our understanding of the body in health and disease.


Philosophy at Aberdeen is all about The Big Questions – the study of argument and how we apply it to a wide variety of questions of fundamental importance to human life and intellectual activity. The high level of intellectual skills,…


Offering a thoughtful balance between understanding basic principles of physics and showing how physics can be applied to other areas of science.

Physics is vital to understanding the world around us and the Universe beyond. It is the most fundamental…


Physiology is one of the key disciplines underpinning our knowledge of medicine, dentistry and veterinary science.

Politics and International Relations

Politics and International Relations at Aberdeen, a unique combination in Scotland, focuses on the role of politics, power, states, and governments in an ever-changing global context, taught by internationally renowned academics regularly appearing as experts in the media on events…

Single Honours

Joint Honours

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Joint Honours


Are you interested in what makes people tick? Do you want to understand why people do the things they do? What happens when it goes wrong? As the study of mental processes and behaviour Psychology is interested in all these…

Real Estate

Real Estate at Aberdeen examines real estate markets from the perspectives of economics, investment and business, at Scotland's top centre for real estate teaching and research, and second in the UK. Professionally accredited programmes prepare you for a career in…

Religious Studies

Theology and Religious Studies at Aberdeen includes both the study of Christian faith, life and doctrine in its historical, cross-cultural and contemporary contexts, and the comparative study of the major religious traditions of the world. You will focus on the…

Scottish Studies

Scottish Studies at Aberdeen is a wide, thorough and fascinating exploration of the languages and rich literary heritage of Scotland, taking advantage of our strength in teaching and world-leading research in English, Gaelic, Celtic and History. We set Scottish culture…


Sociology at Aberdeen opens up your ‘sociological imagination’, as you explore how society shapes us as individuals in all sorts of ways, helping us to understand ourselves, our relationships, and the challenges we face in a changing world. Top-rated excellent…

Spanish & Latin American Studies

Spanish & Latin American Studies at Aberdeen has an outstanding reputation, top-rated for teaching, with a broad, flexible and diverse programme of language, literature, history and culture and the unique opportunity to specialise in either Latin America or Spain. Your…

Single Honours

Joint Honours

Major-Minor Honours

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Joint Honours

Major-Minor Honours

Sports and Exercise Science

Sport and Exercise Science is about understanding how our bodies adapt to the stresses imposed upon them during physical activity to benefit both performance and health.


Theology at Aberdeen focuses on the study of the Christian faith and tradition in the context of its history, institutions and its role today. Whether you have a personal, vocational or intellectual interest in learning more about the Christian faith,…

Single Honours