Offering a thoughtful balance between understanding basic principles of physics and showing how physics can be applied to other areas of science.

Physics is vital to understanding the world around us and the Universe beyond. It is the most fundamental science. Physics challenges our imaginations with concepts like relativity and string theory and it leads to great discoveries about how the world works.

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We offer a range of Physics degrees which you can read more about below.

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The University of Aberdeen International Study Centre offers preparation programmes for progression to undergraduate degree study at the university.

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Discoveries in Physics make possible technological innovations like the transistors and the microchip, computers and lasers which in turn change our lives. Physics encompasses the study of the universe from the largest galaxies to the smallest subatomic particles.

Physicists want to know how things work. If you have an enquiring mind, enjoy a bit of innovative thought, can think logically, are not afraid of some hard work and like to know what is going on around you in nature, in science and in technology, then a physics degree could well suit you.

The original "Physics" taught at the University was Natural Philosophy. The origin of Physics was thinking about natural phenomena.

Regardless of the degree programme you follow, you will study a number of core Physics courses aimed at establishing key knowledge.

Why Study Physics at Aberdeen?

  • The Department of Physics at the University of Aberdeen has a long and illustrious history, and former staff include great physicists such as James Clerk Maxwell and G.P. Thomson.
  • We offer a modern, modular degree structure with a broad syllabus and a wide range of degree choices.
  • Long tradition of teaching physical sciences combined with modern facilities.
  • Emphasis placed on teaching employability and development of generic skills, useful in a wide range of careers.
  • We also offer a broad-based, less mathematical degree in Physical Science that allows the combination of Physics courses with a wide choice of other subjects.
  • Learn from research active, academic staff.
  • We are engaged in a wide range of research areas ranging from the fundamental nature of the universe through to understanding the atomic structure of complex materials and semiconductor device physics.
  • Our graduates go in to a huge range of jobs including; Meteorology, Medical physics, Environmental monitoring, Astronomy, Particle physics, Geophysics, Materials science, Invention Design, Teaching,
    Financial Modelling.

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