Physics at Aberdeen takes you on a fascinating journey of understanding through every level of the physical world, from quarks, atoms and molecules to solar systems, galaxies and the universe. We will explore questions as vast as how the universe has evolved into its present state and cover topics such as the quantum nature of reality and other fascinating topics like thermodynamics and entropy.

  • We are ranked 6th in the UK for Physics - The Guardian University Guide 2024
  • We are ranked 2nd in Scotland for Overall Satisfaction - NSS 2023

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We offer a range of Physics degrees which you can read more about below.

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We offer a stimulating environment for learning, with small class sizes and friendly staff that you will truly get to know well as you study here.

Our overall aim is to build a solid foundation of physics knowledge and use that to teach you how to think differently about the world and learn the widely applicable problem-solving skills of a physicist.

Here, you will be taught by experts in both experimental and theoretical areas of physics. Our highly research-active staff's work also interfaces strongly with other disciplines, so you will learn how to apply your physics skills and knowledge to understanding problems in multiple fields, including the environment, the economy and medicine.

We have laboratory physics available at all four years of the degree, with a solid introduction to the skills required for experimental physics in our first-year labs, leading to ever more complex experiments and more freedom to pursue your own interests in the second and third year.

In fourth year, you may choose to undertake an experimental physics project - this year, this has included designing an in-vitro chip for studying heart disease, or constructing an optical tweezers.

Thanks to our connections with other disciplines we have offered other fourth year projects in medical physics, including MRI, and solid state chemistry and the study of anti-matter. We also have extremely strong expertise in computational modelling, and have projects modelling topics as diverse as patient flow through a hospital, the effects of chaos on network communications and the spread of disease.

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The University of Aberdeen offers a range of STEM-related degrees, STEM being the collective of subjects covering science, technology, engineering and maths. With world-class academics and cutting-edge facilities like our Science Teaching Hub, we can give you access to some of the best STEM teaching and research in Scotland, maximising your learning potential and preparing you for industry.

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Why Study Physics at Aberdeen?

  • We are ranked 6th in the UK for Physics - The Guardian University Guide 2024
  • 2nd in Scotland for Overall Satisfaction - NSS 2023
  • Our BSc Physics degree is accredited by the Institute of Physics.
  • We also offer a broad-based, less mathematical degree in Physical Science that allows the combination of Physics courses with a wide choice of other subjects.
  • The Physics and Astronomy Society is open to any students with an interest in physics or astronomy and organises a series of talks, experimental sessions, astronomy nights, trips, game nights, and numerous social outings.
  • We are engaged in a wide range of research areas ranging from the fundamental nature of the universe through to understanding the atomic structure of complex materials and semiconductor device physics.
  • Our graduates go in to a huge range of jobs including; Meteorology, Medical physics, Environmental monitoring, Astronomy, Particle physics, Geophysics, Materials science, Invention Design, Teaching,
    Financial Modelling.
  • Notable former staff include James Clerk Maxwell, who is widely regarded as one of the greatest scientists who have ever lived due to his revolutionary work on electricity, magnetism, and optics and the Nobel Prize winner GP Thomson.

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