Regular problem solving does not protect against mental decline

Sudoku and crosswords may not offset age-related mental decline, but can boost mental ability over a lifetime

Human antibody discovery could save lives from fungal killer

New 'cloned antibodies' technique will be basis of new Aberdeen spin-out company based at forthcoming BioHub

Research shows that seabirds are at risk due to competition for fish

New global analysis shows seabirds are at risk.

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Our mission to widen access to a university education

Since I returned to Aberdeen to take up my role as Principal I have worked to play my part in strengthening links between the University and our local institutions, meeting with civic and political leaders, industry figures, and education partners as we aim to enhance our existing partnerships for the...

Depression: My year off the gear

I hadn’t really intended on this being a series of pieces when I wrote for the first time in April 2017 about my depression diagnosis.  But the more I wrote, the more I found it helped me learn to deal with it.  As time went on, I found it was...

Languages change, but please let us nae lose oor Scots

When I was a child, one of the most evocative words I heard my mother (and grandmother) use was ferfochan. It can be used to refer to a sense of world-weary exasperation for which there is rarely a remedy: A’m sair ferfochan wi ma brither. The word has rich connotations and...


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