Worldwide study reveals air pollution link to unborn baby growth

Exposure to air pollution is linked to babies' growth during pregnancy, according to a landmark new study.

Kelp row inspires research project to explore best practice in the 'blue economy'

A row over commercial kelp dredging on Scotland's west coast has inspired a new research project which will see academics in Aberdeen and Japan develop new approaches to the political ecology of coastal societies.

Playing in the archives: Aberdeen's burgh records inspiring video game design

Aberdeen's UNESCO-recognised medieval records could provide the inspiration for video games which will bring people face-to-face with life in the Middle Ages.

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The Conversation

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School exam results don't tell the whole story of education

Neil McLennan, Senior Lecturer and Director of Leadership Programmes at the University of Aberdeen, writes about how education is about much more than exams. The Times has been criticised for producing school league tables in Scotland. The debate ranges from schools needing to be held to account to a need for...

Tech in healthcare- can the Topol Review succeed?

Professor Donald Hislop of the University of Aberdeen Business School considers opportunities and challenges facing the NHS regarding adoption of digital technology. From the use of smartphone Apps, telephone or video appointments, the automation of diagnostic imaging via artificial intelligence, and robot-augmented surgery, digital technologies have the potential to transform the...

Artificial intelligence in breast screening - will it work? and if so, will patients accept it?

Professor Corri Black explains how when it comes to implementing Artificial Intelligence in healthcare, fine-tuning the technology is only part of the challenge. For some, Artificial Intelligence conjures up images of a dystopian future where the cyborgs have taken over. For others it’s just the stuff in our mobile phone that...


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