Potential risk to dolphins due to unique fasting habits

Dolphins could be at risk if their foraging opportunities are impacted due to man-made disturbances such as shipping, tourism, coastal development and oil and gas exploration.

University appoints Julie Ashworth as Senior Governor

New Senior Governor announced.

New international project to enhance digital learning

Education experts at the University of Aberdeen are contributing to a new international project to harness and further develop the advancements in digital education brought into focus by the COVID-19 pandemic.

The Conversation

The Conversation

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Invisible engagement: how can we support students when we can't see what's going on?

  Student engagement is emotional as well as cerebral - and stress, anxiety and loneliness can all have an impact on learning. University of Aberdeen Vice-Principal Ruth Taylor and Lee Watson, Student Adviser with Aberdeen University Students' Association, reflect on what can and can't be "seen" (this article first appeared in...

New chemical discoveries to catapult the hydrogen economy

Professor Abbie McLaughlin, from the University of Aberdeen’s Department of Chemistry, takes a look at the opportunities presented by a research breakthrough that could enable the widespread use of hydrogen energy to power transport and homes as part of the energy transition.   With the recent arrival of the world’s first...

Education in Scotland needs 'a shot in the arm'

Neil McLennan, a Senior Lecturer and Director of Leadership Programmes in the School of Education considers the future for education in Scotland in light of changes forced upon it by the Covid crisis. McLennan sits on a number of education reform groups as well as Scotland’s Futures Forum (the Scottish...


Information following the EU Referendum.

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