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New and Returning Students

Whether you're joining us for the first time or returning for a new academic year, we have all the information you need to prepare for session 2020/2021.


We innovate in education and research by generating, sharing and applying new kinds of knowledge. By working together, we will address five interdisciplinary challenges of our time.


New research finds the 'optimal age' at which preserved senses can compensate for blindness

A new study from the University of Aberdeen and the University of Bath has found the optimal age at which sense of touch and hearing best work together to compensate for blindness.

What lies beneath a volcano? New images reveal all...

The complex plumbing system beneath volcanoes has been revealed in the clearest detail ever, marking a 'major step forward' in our understanding of how they are formed and behave.


We are a Scottish university that was founded with international connections. We are open to people and ideas from around the world, and extend our networks and partnerships globally.


We understand and nurture our environment, take care of our people and look after our resources. We will show leadership in working for the sustainable future of our planet, and will evaluate all our actions for their impact on the environment.