Accelerating the Energy Transition

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Energy Transition

Bringing together Energy Transition research from across the University

For more than 40 years experts at the University of Aberdeen have been combining our academic excellence with industry expertise to innovate and make positive change for the future of global energy. Our Schools are at the heart of what we do - why not find out how you can study with us?

Accelerating the Energy Transition

"The University of Aberdeen has a long history of delivering innovative solutions that address current and future energy challenges. Being situated in Aberdeen, Europe’s Energy Capital and a city renowned throughout the world for technological development and inspiring solutions, we are best placed and well connected to understand the needs of the industry and make a real difference.

Our energy work provides a focus for all areas of energy-related research, with an emphasis on supporting industry and policy makers in the transition to clean, sustainable energy and renewables. Our expertise is hugely varied and spans the generation and storage of energy, reuse of materials and the challenges of decommissioning, the requirements of technology and digitalisation. We also address the energy transition within the oil and gas industry and inform the policy, societal and environmental impact and sustainability of our future energy requirements."

Professor John Underhill, Director of the Interdisciplinary Centre for Energy Transition

Watch Professor Underhill discussing our research into energy transition here.

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The Energy Trilemma

How do we ensure communities have access to the energy they need at a cost they can afford whilst not destroying the planet and its climate in the process? The University of Aberdeen can play a key role in meeting this challenge.

Interdisciplinary Energy Transition Projects

Energy transition is a challenge affecting all of us and is necessarily commanding research across many disciplines. Browse the project summaries in our Interdisciplinary Research Project Database to find out more about how the topic feeds into the work of researchers across the University of Aberdeen.


Discover how research across the University is informing the wider conversation around energy transition.


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