Social Inclusion and Cultural Diversity

Interdisciplinary Research Challenge

Social Inclusion and Cultural Diversity

Thinking across borders of time and geography to connect ideas and bring people together

Social Inclusion and Cultural Diversity

Diversity of thought leads to innovation and creativity – something Aberdeen has recognised since its earliest foundation. Making connections between ideas and concepts across different disciplines offers fresh perspectives on research questions, creating novel insights and solutions.

It is therefore vital that we breakdown any barriers to interdisciplinary study and foster an environment that allows collaboration to flourish. The comparison of diverse worldviews is also extremely productive, enabling both criticism of accepted norms and the construction of new ideas. Cultural exchange and more diverse cultural perspectives will not only promote inclusivity within the institution but will enhance the quality and breadth of our research.

We need to embed the University in the city’s and region’s cultural ecosystem to support the promotion of the arts, culture and the creative economy. We have ambitions plans through what we are calling the Creative Campus Initiative. This will explore the creation of flexible arts spaces and look at ways we can embed creativity to make campus an even more vibrant and welcoming place not only for our students and staff but for the wider community.

We have a wonderful talent of creative professionals in this region and there is a real enthusiasm and appetite within the University for greater creative collaboration so it is about bringing these things together for a vibrant future."

Professor Eleonora Belfiore, Interdisciplinary Director for Social Inclusion and Cultural Diversity


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