Bring your ambitions and aspirations to life in 2024

Go Beyond Boundaries in 2024

Are you bold enough to dream big?

Bring your ambitions and aspirations to life in 2024

Welcome to a city open to all, a university ever-evolving.

What does our ancient tradition of modern thinking mean for you? It means being at the forefront of change – the chance to explore your potential at a research-intensive university that’s home to 525 years of discovery. Since 1495, we’ve held space for debate, discussion, and discourse, and now it’s your turn to join us. Bring your questions to the fore and drive learning forward with an interdisciplinary approach to learning that enables you to tailor your degree to your interests and career goals. Find home in a place of game-changing ideas and eureka moments. With hundreds of courses on offer and a range of campus and city accommodation options available, your next adventure is about to start.

Your future is what you make it, so get started now and apply to join us in 2024.

Interdisciplinary approach to learning
Ancient tradition of modern thinking
Degrees that take on global challenges
Aberdeen is a city that's ever evolving
A UK top 20 and world top 200 university