How to Apply

Applying for postgraduate programmes at the University of Aberdeen is simple.

With the exception of our PGDE Primary and Secondary Education programmes which have a separate application process, all of our postgraduate programmes can be applied for and managed online through the University's Applicant Portal.

Information on how to apply to all our postgraduate programmes is detailed below.


Applying for a Postgraduate Programme

All our postgraduate taught and research programmes, with the exception of PGDE and Education Programmes (including Studies in Mindfulness and Person-Centred Counselling), can be applied for online directly to the University.

  • How to Complete the Application Form
  • When to Apply
  • How the Application is Processed

Applying for PGDE and Education Programmes

The method of applying for programmes within the School of Education is different from the standard postgraduate application process.

  • Details of the Application for PGDE and Education Programmes (including Studies in Mindfulness and Person-Centred Counselling)