Research Support

Research and Innovation

Research support

Ensuring our researchers have the skills, information and support they need to achieve maximum impact

Research Support

We aim to provide a research environment that is enabling and supportive, and that allows our researchers to achieve their full potential.  This includes the protection of the physical and mental wellbeing of all our members of staff.  Research and Innovation (R&I) is the main hub for supporting research activities, with the Grants Academy delivering a structured framework that provides supportive intervention throughout the research life cycle, from idea generation and grant proposal stage, to delivery of outcomes and follow on funding and impact support.

We work closely with Schools and disciplines to ensure that researchers have the skills, information and support they need to undertake excellent research and impact throughout the lifecycle of their research projects. We encourage and support engagement with UK, EU and other international collaborators, governments, industry and third sector partners and with members of the public to build sustainable partnerships that ensure our research is relevant and impactful.