Your Privacy

Your Privacy

The University of Aberdeen is committed to protecting your personal information and being clear about the information we collect and how we use it. We take our responsibilities seriously as the controller of your personal information under data protection law.

These pages explain more about how the University handles personal information in our teaching, research and support activities. They apply whether you are a current or former student, a member of staff or a volunteer in our research studies.

We will provide additional privacy information when we interact with you in other circumstances.

If we make changes to the way we handle personal information, we will let you know by revising the date on these pages, publicising the changes or contacting you directly.

If you have any questions about these pages, or about our uses of personal data, you can contact the Data Protection Officer by email at  The rights you have over your personal information are also explained on these pages.

You can find out more about the University, including the University’s contact details, in our Guide to Information available under freedom of information legislation.