Research Participants

Research Participants

Information that we collect and use about you

The personal information we collect about you is decided by individual research projects. The University is involved in a very wide range of projects that use personal information, including research into medical, food and nutrition, psychological and social science subjects. The personal information used by some research projects includes information that is sensitive in nature, such as information about health and biometric data.

It is not practical for this notice to list the type of personal information we collect for every University project. We will give you specific information when your personal information is collected or used in a research project. This might be in the form of a Participant Information Sheet or a leaflet, or in a letter that we send to you.

Why we process this information, and our lawful basis

We collect this information to conduct academic research, manage the research project and to publish our research findings.

The University undertakes and publishes research under its statutory powers. These powers are laid out in the Universities (Scotland) Acts 1858 – 1966.

Disclosing your information

Many University research projects involve collaboration with researchers in other organisations. Research projects also use companies and other organisations to handle personal information, such as to collect or analyse on behalf of the project.

It is not practical for this notice to list all the arrangements for disclosing personal information for all University projects. Instead we will provide details of the third parties that have access to your personal data in the Participant Information Sheet, leaflet or letter about the project that we give to you.

We may disclose personal information to other recipients in exceptional circumstances or when required to do so by law.

How long your information is kept

We retain personal information used in research for varying periods. The period depends on the legal or regulatory conditions governing the research, the terms and conditions imposed by the external sponsor and the value or sensitivity of particular types of research. The Participant Information Sheet, leaflet or letter that we give to you about the project involving your personal information will specify how long the information is kept.

Medical research

The University of Aberdeen undertakes fundamental medical research in partnership with healthcare organisations and in accordance with Article 89(1) of UKGDPR. One of our key partners in much of that research is our local Health Board, NHS Grampian. Their privacy notice provides additional information around their processing of personal data for research purposes.