University Staff Working Abroad

University Staff Working Abroad

Information collected and used about you

The overseas organisation you are attending (or will be attending) may use your personal information. The required personal details may include but is not necessarily limited to:

a Full Curriculum Vitae

passport details (and where necessary a copy of the same). 

Only those pieces of information that are pertinent to specific activity will be used, as follows:

  • To process invitation letters to support visa applications, work permits, residence permits, insurances and registration at the organisation you are attending.
  • To be included in Annual Reports (where required) by the Local Authority and/or the Ministry of Education (or local equivalent).
  • To support staff with booking travel.
  • To register staff arrival/departure at the necessary Local Government office(s) (as necessary) and the Local Police (as necessary).

Should it transpire that your information is required to be shared for other reasons we shall advise you accordingly.

Why we process this information, and our lawful basis?

The information we collect about you is required to fulfil the University‚Äôs Contractual obligations with the University and/or the overseas organisation you are attending.  Where necessary we will transfer your personal information to countries and organisations outside of the United Kingdom.  The personal information provided will be limited to what is necessary to fulfil the requirements of the overseas organisation. 

How will the overseas organisation manage my personal information?

It must be noted that the organisation may be governed by different Data Protection Legislation, in which case the University will ensure that any data held by the overseas organisation is held in accordance with the data protection regulations in that country and subject to the requirements of the Universities International Data Transfer Assessment Framework. 

The information provided may be transferred to a third party by the overseas organisation in accordance with the terms of the Data Sharing Agreement in place between the two organisations and ONLY with the agreement of the University.  This information may be required by local authorities such as Local Government and/or Local (and National) Police to confirm your identity etc. 

It should be noted that where data is held by an overseas organisation the Data Protection legislation in place may vary from the requirements of UK GDPR.

How long your information is kept

The overseas organisation will retain your information for no longer than specified in the agreed Data Sharing Agreement and may be longer than that it would be held for by the University.

If you also work some of the time in Aberdeen, please refer to the Staff Privacy Notice for details of how your personal data is processed in this regard.