Research Culture

Research Culture

Research culture encompasses the behaviours, values, expectations, attitudes and the norms of research communities.  It influences who is doing research, what research is done and how it is communicated.  Research culture impacts on...integrity, diversity, career paths, reward and recognition, open science and the ethos of collaboration.  

(The Royal Society definition of research culture)


The University of Aberdeen promotes the highest standards of research, and strives to provide a working environment that supports and rewards a positive research culture.  We have embarked on a programme of work that aims to make the University of Aberdeen a place that researchers want to come to do their research, to develop their skills, and to contribute to the ongoing success of the University.

The University endorses the work undertaken by the Wellcome Trust in 2020 in their study 'What Researchers Think About the Culture They Work In' which identified a number of common themes across the sector.  The University also supports the work that is being undertaken by the Royal Society to explore how the UK can promote the cultural conditions that will enable excellent research to flourish.

The following short video from Professor Gary Macfarlane, Chair of the University’s Research Culture Task & Finish Group, provides further information on research culture within the University of Aberdeen and how you can get involved in this work.

We have already undertaken a number of initiatives which are aimed at developing our research culture, such as our 2040 Strategy, our membership of the UK Reproducibility Network, becoming a signatory to the Concordat to Support the Career Development of Researchers, and achieving the HR Excellence in Research Award.  However we want to do more to support our research community and have embarked on a further programme of activities to develop this work.

Please see below for further details of what we have achieved so far and what our plans are for the future.

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