How to Complete the Application Form

It’s easy to apply, simply create an account and apply via the Postgraduate Applicant Portal

There is no application fee for postgraduate taught or research applications. 

For help on using the applicant portal, watch this short video:

Please note that applications for the PGDE in Primary Education or PGDE in Secondary Education must be submitted through UCAS

Once you have started an application, you have 30 days in which to complete it before submitting.  If you need more time to gather documents or to write a personal statement, you will have the option to request an extension for a further 30 days within the Applicant Portal after the first 25 days have passed.

You won’t be able to submit the application until you have uploaded the following documents:

Official transcript. If you have graduated, this should be a copy of your final transcript.  If you haven’t finished your degree yet, please upload a copy of your transcript to date. We accept scanned copies of the official transcript issued by your current or former university. If the transcript is not in English, please upload a scanned copy of the transcript in the original language with an official translation in English. 

Personal Statement. We suggest that you prepare the personal statement before you start the application.  As a guide we would recommend that you write between 250 to 500 words to answer the following questions:

  1. Why have you chosen to apply to the University of Aberdeen to study this subject?
  2. Which personal qualities do you possess that will help you to successfully complete this programme of study?
  3. How will studying this programme help you when you return home and in your future career?

Some degree programmes may require additional documentation such as a CV/Resume or professional references before a decision can be made.  Please check the prospectus entry for your programme before submitting your application in case any additional documents are necessary.  

We can usually assess your application if the minimum documents have been uploaded with your application.  If you haven’t graduated or, if you haven’t supplied an essential document, you might receive a conditional offer of admission.  If so, you can upload documents to satisfy the condition via the Applicant Portal later.   

Other documents which can be submitted with your application or which can be uploaded later are:

Degree certificate

You can upload this after you have submitted the application form.  We can only accept a copy of the final, official degree certificate in the original language and with an official English language translation.  Unfortunately, we don’t accept provisional degree certificates because these are not acceptable for Student Visa purposes.

Evidence of English language proficiency

Information about our English language entry requirements and the documents that are acceptable to demonstrate proficiency in English can be found here.  

The University’s Language Centre also offers a range of English language courses to help you improve your English language skills and to reach the University’s English language entry requirements.


References may be required for some postgraduate programmes.  These may be academic references or professional, employer references.  If references are required, this will be noted in the Entry Requirements section of the prospectus entry for your programme.  Referees are welcome to email to us directly from their professional e-mail address or, if providing you with a letter, the reference should be written on headed paper so that you can e-mail it or upload it to the Applicant Portal.

Copies of UK Visas/Visa refusal letters/CAS letters

If you are an International Student who has previously undertaken any period or type of study in the UK, please upload copies of your UK visas and/or Biometric Residence Permits (BRPs) and admission/CAS letters.  If you have ever submitted a UK visa application which was unsuccessful, please send us a copy of the refusal letter. 

If you have any questions about the application process for any School of Education programmes, please contact:

School of Education

For any other questions about the application process, please contact:

Postgraduate Admissions

International Students - Previous UK study

The Student visa regulations restrict the amount of time that international students can spend in the UK studying.  There is also an expectation that students should progress to a higher academic level if they extend their studies in the UK. In addition, the Student visa regulations include rules about when a student can submit a new visa application from inside the UK or when any new visa application must be submitted from outside the UK. 

So that we can provide you with the correct support and guidance throughout the admissions process, we ask that international applicants who have previously studied in the UK provide us with as much information as possible about their previous studies in the application form or by completing the Previous UK Studies Form which can be uploaded with your application or sent to us by email to  

In addition, to ensure that you are given the most appropriate guidance based on your personal circumstances, please also send or upload the following documents:  

  • CAS letter
  • Visa and/or Biometric Residence Permit
  • Copy of qualification, certificate or transcript showing results to date
  • Copy of sponsorship award letter if you had official sponsorship
  • Visa refusal or entry clearance refusal letter/s
When Should I Apply?

International applicants application deadline

The application deadline for International/EU applicants applying for full-time on campus postgraduate taught degrees starting in September 2021 will be in July 2021. An exact date has not yet been set.

International students who apply after the deadline will be considered for the next available intake.

Applicants not requiring a Student Visa application deadline

For applicants who don’t require a visa to study in the UK, the application deadline for postgraduate taught degrees starting in September 21 will be in August 2021. An exact date has not yet been set.

Online degrees and courses

The application deadline for postgraduate degrees and courses delivered online starting in September 21 will be in August 2021. An exact date has not yet been set.

Research degrees

Unless you are applying for an advertised studentship or research project, most Research degrees can start at any time. You are welcome to apply up to 18 months before your preferred start date. Actual start dates will be confirmed in the admissions documentation.

How Is My Application Processed?

After submitting your application, you will receive an email acknowledgement from the University. Your application will be reviewed by a Selector and an Admissions Officer. 

We will e-mail you if additional information or documentation is required before a decision can be reached.

We will let you know the outcome of your application by e-mail.   We always use the e-mail address that is linked to your Applicant Portal account.  If you change e-mail address, please update your e-mail address in the Applicant Portal.

You can check the status of your application in the Applicant Portal or use the Applicant Portal to upload additional documents to support your application and to satisfy any conditions of an offer.

Accepting the Offer

Information about what to do next can found in the Offer Holder Information section of our website.