Study a Language

Go Global, Go Multilingual!

Enhance your employability by taking language courses as part of your degree.

Study a Language

In the 21st century, it is crucial to be versatile and adaptable to face the challenges of life and work. At Aberdeen, we believe this requires additional skills, and there is no more vital skill for today's global citizens than the ability to communicate in another language.

Having proficiency in another language can boost your CV, open global opportunities and broaden your understanding of people, different cultures and perspectives.

We offer beginner and advanced routes in various languages and several ways to learn:

Can I Study a Language alongside my Degree?

Our staff and students are answering your questions about studying in Aberdeen.

Single, Joint and Major-Minor Honours Degrees

Sustained Study 

Boost your job prospects by taking a language course as part of your degree!

All students at the University of Aberdeen can study a modern language during the first two years of their degree.

If you complete a sequence of courses in one language across Years 1 and 2, your degree transcript will show your achievement as part of the "Sustained Studies" programme.

You can choose from the following: