Environment and Biodiversity

Interdisciplinary Research Challenge

Environment and Biodiversity

Addressing the challenges of climate change and environmental impacts

Environment and Biodiversity

By making the most of our proximity to nature, our researchers are making a difference close to home and far afield.

The University of Aberdeen is an internationally recognised centre of excellence for research, addressing the global challenges of climate change and environmental impacts. Our research crosses the broad themes of understanding the fundamental biological and physical consequences of environmental changes, from the gene to global levels and from the Arctic to Antarctic.

Our research has led to the development of Decision Support Frameworks and participatory mapping methods to shape, direct and inform national and regional environmental planning methodologies, including ensuring successful stakeholder engagement and consensus (e.g. within the marine environment)."

David Burslem, Director of the Interdisciplinary Centre for Environment and Biodiversity

Interdisciplinary Projects

The environment and biodiversity are topics feeding into critical and groundbreaking research projects in disciplines across the University. Browse the project summaries in our Interdisciplinary Research Project Database to find out more about potential new advances spanning many subjects.

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