Data and Artificial Intelligence

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Data & Artificial Intelligence

Bringing together Data and AI research from across the University

Data and Artificial Intelligence

We have carried out research in data science and artificial intelligence (AI) for more than 30 years and are continuing to discover new ways in which they can be applied to improve health and daily life, whilst also understanding their accountability in society.

With the ever-increasing availability of data, our interdisciplinary teams strive to maximise the opportunities presented by the use of data science and artificial intelligence, aiming to unify aspects of computing science, applied health sciences, engineering, linguistics, psychology, geosciences and biological sciences under a single umbrella.

We seek innovative solutions to the big challenges that our society faces such as climate change, energy transition, agri-food, life sciences & healthcare, and others, while enabling new collaborations with industry and other organisations in support of their digital transformation journeys. We are also the home of core AI activities that aim to push the boundaries of research in technical areas around machine learning, robotics, AI ethics, explainable and trustworthy AI, and cybersecurity & privacy, while enhancing our provision for research-informed teaching.

We are also committed to supporting our region’s digital economy via our involvement in initiatives with local and regional stakeholders, while maintaining and enhancing our world-leading academic profile and reputation.


Interdisciplinary Data & AI Projects

From agriculture and archaeology to medicine and geosciences, our researchers are utilising data and AI across many fields to further research and improve lives. Browse the project summaries in our Interdisciplinary Research Project Database to find out more about the critical role data and artificial intelligence have to play in advances spanning many disciplines.

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