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The Turing University Network

We are a member of The Turing University Network, connecting universities across the data science and AI ecosystem

Turing University Network


The network is a key component of The Alan Turing Institute's strategy, aimed at changing the world for the better with data science and AI.

The network supports the Turing in achieving three ambitious goals:

  • Advance world-class research and apply it to national and global challenges
  • Build skills for the future
  • Drive an informed public conversation.

At present, the network has a membership of 65 universities from across the UK. It enables the Turing’s role as a national convenor in the data science and AI landscape and creates opportunity for meaningful collaboration where interests align across research and innovation, skills and engagement.

Key Thematic Areas

A grand challenge-led approach for the Turing’s science and innovation agenda provides the common focus, clear direction and a mandate to prioritise activity, as well as the inspiration and motivation for diverse communities and capabilities to come together in support of these organising principles. In alignment with national priority areas, the Turing has selected three areas of focus for grand challenges.


To transform healthcare and enable better outcomes for all.

Environment and Sustainability

To address the climate and biodiversity crisis and the need for greater sustainability.

Defence and National Security

To protect the UK, its people and the places they inhabit.