Transforming decommissioning with academic and industry collaboration 

Oil rig in the sea

In January 2019, the National Decommissioning Centre was officially opened in north-east Scotland’s Energetica Corridor, as part of the Aberdeen City Region Deal. A £38 million partnership between the University and the Oil and Gas Technology Centre (OGTC), the global research centre has been established to support decommissioning activity by combining academic excellence and industry expertise in a research and development hub.

Led by the University’s Professor Richard Neilson and Dr Russell Stevenson from the OGTC, research at the Centre is focused on reducing costs, extending field and asset life, science-based thought leadership and transforming the traditional approach to decommissioning. 

By working in partnership with industry experts and business partners, the University is building on its world-leading research & development capability in areas such as decommissioning technology, predictive modelling, environmental assessment and economics of decommissioning. 

The Centre is home to a variety of state-of-the-art technology and equipment and offers a wide range of industry-led research programmes for PhD and MSc students. It also provides a collaborative environment for academics to work across disciplines and fully maximise the opportunities presented by decommissioning.

National Decommissioning Centre

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