Using renewable energy to produce sustainable materials 

Seedling appearing from soil

Supported by our Postgraduate Research School and £1 million of funding, the Leverhulme Centre for Doctoral Training (CDT) was established to equip a new generation of researchers with the skills, knowledge and expertise required to convert organic waste into sustainable materials.

To tackle this challenging global issue, interdisciplinary researchers are exploring new ways to convert unavoidable organic waste into sustainable chemicals and materials - such as fuels, fertilisers, pharmaceuticals and construction materials - whilst also evaluating the environmental and economic impacts of developing the technologies required to do so.  

Bringing together expertise from Biological and Medical Sciences, Chemistry, Economics, Engineering and Politics, the CDT’s vision is to develop the fundamental science, technologies, and economic and political arguments needed to encourage the use of organic waste and renewable energy for producing sustainable products.

Male and female student in a lab

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