Geology provides a knowledge of the way the Earth works and is vital to the understanding of the nature and origin of Earth's resources.

Geology at Aberdeen continues its rise in the top 10 best places to study the subject in the UK (Complete University Guide), and is currently in 6th place.

The Geology and Petroleum Geology degree is an interesting, varied and practical science incorporating both field and laboratory work. Courses in topics such as Earth History, Mineralogy, Palaeontology, Volcanology, Geophysics, Petroleum Geology and Planetary Science provide a diverse geological grounding and cater for a range of interests, from Environmental Geology and Natural Hazards to Mineral and Oil Exploration.

The broad scientific base of Geology makes it an ideal subject for those seeking an interdisciplinary science degree, as well as those intending to pursue a geological career. Our courses are professionally accredited by the Geological Society of London, and our teaching received a top grading in the last national review.

Most geology students progressing on to professional careers in any geoscience sector will generally undertake a vocational masters in their area of interest, before joining industry.

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Why Study Geology at Aberdeen?

  • Aberdeen is the oil and gas capital of Europe making it the most relevant place in the UK to study Geology and Petroleum Geology.
  • Since it combines all of the major natural and physical sciences in a broad interdisciplinary mix, Geoscience is in many ways the ultimate general science degree.
  • If the interactions of people and planet are of special interest, our Joint Degree combining Geosciences with Geography is the degree for you.
  • For those planning a career in geophysics or petrophysics with the hydrocarbon industry, the Joint Degree in Geology and Physics is highly relevant, whilst the degree option of Physics with Geology is another option.
  • Fieldwork is an important element of our geology degree, we make the best use of our location in Scotland - close to many great areas for fieldwork.
  • Fieldwork locations include - Arran, Skye, Northwest Highlands and other areas throughout the UK. The MGeol programme includes a trip to Italy.
  • Many past graduates continue to work in the city and links with industry are therefore very strong and employability second to none.
  • You have the chance to join the American Association of Petroleum Geologists Student Chapter. This is an active and very social Student Chapter which will give you the opportunity to expand your knowledge, skills and networks beyond the classroom.
  • To expand skills, knowledge and networks even further, many of our students join the Aberdeen Geology Society.
  • Our BSc degrees are fully accredited by the Geological Society for London.
  • Geology at Aberdeen is ranked 3rd in Scotland by the Complete University Guide 2020

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What our Alumni Say

Joselia Ferreira

Joselia Ferreira

Joselia Ferreira

Job Details
Earth Scientist, Chevron
Graduated 2014

I enjoyed the fact that the university is very international and has top quality Professors with good knowledge and reputation that are known within the Oil and Gas Industry. The subjects I had targeted the oil industry.

Becky Wain

Becky Wain

Becky Wain

Job Details
Graduate Geologist
Graduated 2013

The links with many different industries allows the university to be among the best for research and development so you will know that you are learning the most up to date and relevant information during your studies.

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