Archaeology is a diverse and wide-ranging discipline that spans the humanities and physical sciences and is unique in exploring the human past in its entirety. In seeking to understand how ancient people lived their lives, structured their world, and engaged with their environment, archaeologists ask the big questions that can provide us with the tools to tackle global challenges in the present.

Ranked 4th in the UK for Archaeology and Anthropology, Guardian 2024

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Archaeology is a subject that actively shapes our understanding of human development through fieldwork and discovery, and a degree at Aberdeen will provide you with the skills to work in archaeology or a range of other professions. Aberdeen is set amongst some of the richest archaeological remains in the UK and opportunities will be available to experience and get involved in discovering more about this resource and our shared human past.

In your first year, archaeology will occupy one quarter of your curriculum, and in second year it will occupy one half. You can then choose to specialise in archaeology in your third and fourth years undertaking a Single Honours degree or you can continue studying archaeology and another subject in a Joint Honours degree.

You can either take an MA, focusing on the humanities and social science side of archaeology, or a BSc, focusing on the science side of archaeology.

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The University of Aberdeen offers a range of STEM-related degrees, STEM being the collective of subjects covering science, technology, engineering and maths. With world-class academics and cutting-edge facilities like our Science Teaching Hub, we can give you access to some of the best STEM teaching and research in Scotland, maximising your learning potential and preparing you for industry.

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Why Study Archaeology at Aberdeen?

  • The research of the department at Aberdeen builds on existing strengths within the University studying the cultures and environment of the North, focusing on the archaeology of Northern Europe, the North Atlantic, Siberia and North America.
  • Our staff are actively engaged in field projects in the north, including in Scotland itself, answering questions about the human past from the earliest colonisation of the north to later expansions.
  • The department also draws on world leading research and expertise in archaeology undertaken in related subjects such as anthropology and geography.
  • Aberdeen is set amongst some of the richest archaeological remains in the UK. Recent examples, associated with the University include The Rhynie Man and amazing Pictish forts at Top O Noth and Burghead.
  • The modular degree system run at Aberdeen allows joint degrees in these subjects and choice and flexibility in your programme of study, allowing you to follow your own particular interests and enthusiasms.
  • We have an active Archaeological Society which is a tremendous network for students.
  • Range of single and joint degree programmes available across both the Sciences and the Arts.
  • Anthropology and Archaeology at Aberdeen is ranked 4th in the UK by the Guardian University Guide 2024.

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