Language and Linguistics

Language and Linguistics


Language and Linguistics at Aberdeen is the fascinating exploration of human language and how speech evolved to create a bridge between sound and meaning. You will study the ways in which we acquire languages as children and adults, how languages and dialects vary and change over time, and gain the knowledge and skills to give you choice across a wide variety of careers.

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We offer a range of Language and Linguistics degrees which you can read more about below.

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Language is the very essence of what makes us human, setting us apart from all other species. Linguistics helps us analyse, discuss and model this fascinating human attribute so that we understand ourselves and human societies more fully.

You will explore how languages evolve over time, how the brain processes speech and language, social factors and different dialects of English, how we learn second languages, and much more.

This is a fast-moving field. Our understanding of language grows all the time with new discoveries in neuroscience, animal behaviour, archaeology and palaeontology, sociology, and psychology, and new applications of linguistics theory in industry, medicine, and forensic science emerge year on year.

The knowledge and skills you will develop make you very attractive to employers, especially if you choose a career in the media, advertising and marketing, information and communication technology, publishing, language teaching and health-related professions such as speech and language therapy or work with blind or deaf people.

You will enjoy all the benefits of learning and living in our friendly and vibrant international community, on our beautiful campus with great facilities for learning, sports and leisure, and many opportunities to develop the extra skills to boost your employability, and to broaden your horizons through study abroad.

Why Study Language and Linguistics at Aberdeen?

  • A vibrant linguistics research and teaching community, and the benefits this study brings to other subjects such as modern languages, anthropology, sociology and history.
  • Researchers revealing new insight into how spoken English is changing, including evidence gathered from tracking TV and radio soaps over the years.
  • Major research partnerships such as the study of witness testimonies following the 1641 Irish Rebellion, with language revealing the social, economic, cultural and political situation in 17th century Ireland, giving clues on sectarianism today.
  • Award-winning Sir Duncan Rice Library with top-class study facilities and literary treasures collected over 500 years charting the power of the written word from ancient papyri and medieval manuscripts to contemporary e-books and other media.
  • A packed campus programme of events, exhibitions, invited speakers and the annual May Festival which attracts internationally acclaimed authors, broadcasters and public figures to discuss the written and spoken word in various languages.

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