Mathematics is not just about crunching numbers – it’s about logical thinking, solving problems, decision making and understanding why things work – the main skills that recruiters look for in potential employees.

As data and machine learning continue to drive growth in financial services, retail and technology, opportunities for interesting and well-paid careers for maths graduates continue to grow.

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Mathematics at Aberdeen explores many fascinating topics such as group theory (the mathematical study of symmetry), ring theory (which underpins cryptography), and topology (the property of shapes, which has applications to data analysis, robotics and neuroscience). Our curriculum covers these key areas of mathematics while building on the mathematical methods you have learned at school and further developing your problem-solving skills and enhancing your abilities in calculation and logical argument.

Employers are keen to recruit our graduates due to their ability to think logically and analyse new developments and opportunities in the world of business, finance and technology. Mathematics is also vital to the physical sciences, engineering and life sciences, as it is the essential tool with which scientists formulate theories and their consequences.

A degree in mathematics is therefore a gateway to a wide variety of careers. Some of the organisations that our graduates have gone to work for in recent years include BlackRock, JPMorgan Chase, Lloyds Banking Group, HSBC, NHS Grampian, Office of National Statistics, CGG, Community Energy Scotland and Schlumberger.

The abstract study of mathematics is in itself an intellectual pursuit of value, opening up a world which contains excitement and beauty. We offer a challenging syllabus that reflects our specialist expertise and emphasises reasoning, rigour and the argumentative side of mathematics as well the advanced logical thinking, problem-solving and decision-making skills in demand by employers.

BSc or MA?

Both the MA Mathematics and BSc Mathematics (and MA Applied Mathematics and BSc Applied Mathematics) undergraduate degree programmes consist of the same core mathematics courses. The difference between the MA and BSc options is the choice of optional courses from other subjects you can choose alongside your core mathematics courses.

Why study STEM?

The University of Aberdeen offers a range of STEM-related degrees, STEM being the collective of subjects covering science, technology, engineering and maths. With world-class academics and cutting-edge facilities like our Science Teaching Hub, we can give you access to some of the best STEM teaching and research in Scotland, maximising your learning potential and preparing you for industry.

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Why Study Mathematics at Aberdeen?

  • We offer a challenging syllabus that reflects our specialist expertise and emphasises reasoning, rigour and the argumentative side of mathematics as well the high levels of communication skills in demand by employers.
  • Our graduates are highly employable, with many going on to pursue careers in business and banking, as well as the science and tech sector, particularly as actuaries, data scientists, economists or market analysts.
  • We offer excellent student experience delivered by enthusiastic staff combined with small class sizes, approximately 25 or less in the Honours years.
  • We offer a range of choices with your degree programme, across both the sciences (BSc) and the Arts (MA). You can focus your attention entirely on Mathematics or you can spread your interests to combine it with other subjects.
  • We offer attractive joint degrees with Economics, Physics and other disciplines, including languages.
  • The department run a number of key events and seminars throughout the year, giving you the chance to network with students and academics.
  • Interactions with applied maths are fostered through our involvement in the Institute for Pure and Applied Mathematics, comprised of the Department of Mathematics together with the Institute for Complex Systems and Mathematical Biology.
  • 98.3% of Aberdeen's Mathematics research ranks as world-leading or internationally excellent (REF 2021)

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