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Doric Verse
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'E Gairdener's Riddle by McHardy, Ken
'E Hairst Meen by Ogg, John
11th September 2001 : A Dander this Evenin Ootby. by Gartshore, Maurice


A Burn's Supper by Addison, Hazel
A Cattie's Life by Addison, Hazel
A Claikin Tongue by Glennie, James D.
A Gurden Childhood by Craig, Celia
A Lifetime by Mackie, Dr Lewis
A Mobile Phone by Addison, Hazel L. R.
A Tae be in Scotland by Addison, Hazel L. R.
Agnes at the Centre, Aboyne by Gartshore, Maurice
Aiberdeen April 1943 by Gardner, Rev. Dr. Bruce K.
Aiberdeen Elegie-Scherzando by Hubbard, Tom
Aifter Culloden: The Waanderer by Gardner, Rev. Dr. Bruce K.
Airport Sklaik by Robertson, Rhona
An Aiberdonian by Blackhall, Sheena
An Auld Woman's Prayer (with apologies to a 17th century Nun) by Mackie, Dr Lewis
Andro by McEwen, Gavin
At the Shopping Centre by Blackhall, Sheena
At the Shopping Centre by Blackhall, Sheena
Autumn by MacDonald, Angus
Autumn by Glennie , James D.
Aye I ken Fine Fa Ye Mean by Cruickshank, Albert


Betrayal by Robertson, Stanley
Bonnie Scotland by Addison, Hazel
Born To Be A Makar by Henderson, John BA (Hons.) DPE
Braille Lan by Blackhall, Sheena
Bridge Over/ Brig Ower by Johnston, Mary
Buckie by Mitchell, Edward
Bucksburn by Blackhall, Sheena
Bus Driver by Blackhall, Sheena


Caledonia Calling by Robertson, Stanley
Cam Ye By E Kirk On Sunday? by Ogg, John
Castell-hill by Souter, Geordie
Changin Times, Changin Faimlies by Blackhall, Sheena
Changing Times by McKenna, Elizabeth
Christmas by Blackhall, Sheena
Country Loon by Leith, Sheena
Crossing the Burn: A Doric translation of Lord Alfred Tennyson's 'Crossing the Bar' by Green, Alison
Cyrus the Storyteller by Goodall, Phyllis


Da by Sutherland, Bill
Dae't Again by Addison, Hazel
Daith in Time by Gardner, Rev. Dr. Bruce K.
Dancin Daft by Wheeler, Les
Divorced Fae Reality by Benzie, Lesley
Doric Food Rap by Blackhall, Sheena
Droonin' Kittlins by Henderson, Jonathan (Ian)
Drumdelgie's Coo by Blackhall, Sheena
Dyow Oan The Girse by John Henderson BA, DPE


Eence on a Day by Johnston, Mary
Egypt by Blackhall, Sheena
Elizabethans by Blackhall, Sheena
Epistle ti a Maisic Teacher by McEwen, Gavin
Epitaph for a Long Term Adversary by McHardy, Ken
Equinox (A Doric Version) by Jaffray, Heather
Essential Clinical Teuchterisms by McHardy, Ken
European Scots by Blackhall, Sheena


Fan Auld Bill Yokit the Hoover by Cruickshank, Albert
Fareweel Wintry Gees by Henderson, John, BA (Hons.) DPE
Farewell Tae Yer Bunions by McKenna, Betty
Fate (The new Fair Wind) by Mackie, Dr. Lewis
Fechts by Ogston, David. D.
Ferlies by Glennie, James D.
Fin A'm Awa (After When I am Dead by Hugh Barrie: from Poems of the Scottish Hills, edited by Hamish Brown AUP.) by Peter Fraser
Fire by Blackhall, Sheena
First Time Oot by Mackie, Dr. Lewis
Fit wis it? by Robertson, Stanley
Fit's a Chuncer Da? by Buchan, William
Frankenstein's Lullaby by Blackhall, Sheena
Frunkie by Wheeler, Les


Geerie Grun by Glennie, James D.
Geordie Tough's Squeel by Mackie, Dr Lewis
Geriatric by Mackie, Dr Lewis
Gie an Tak by Henderson , John BA Hons DPE
Gimme-Time Blues by Blackhall, Sheena
Gin I Wis Fit Am Nay by Maloney, Iain
Giraffe by Blackhall, Sheena
Gloria Carrot by Blackhall, Sheena
Gowden Beech Hedge by Henderson, John, BA Hons DPE
Graces by Traditional
Granda by Gartshore, Maurice
Granny by Blackhall, Sheena
Green Pooer by Sangster, David Fortune
Guttersnipe by Morrice, Ken


Hauns by Blackhall, Sheena
Heid-Bummer by Blackhall, Sheena
Heilan Mary by Wheeler, Les
Holiday Lament by Wheeler, Les
Hush Little Bairnie by Falconer, Joyce


Inspiration by Cruickshank, Albert


Jist Sittin (Bunty, the Fisherlass) by Mackie, Dr. Lewis
Jobs by Blackhall, Sheena


King o the Kingsway by Webster, Edwin
Kirkton Braw by Henderson, John
Kwintry Dincers by Henderson, John


Lewie An' the Loon by Henderson, Jonathan (Ian)
Loch Muick by Munro, Mary


Ma Computer's Doon by Goodall, Phyllis J.
Makin' m' Kite by Johnston, William
Memories of the Past by McLean, Jackie
Meriorie Elphinstone (An Inverurie Tale) by Glennie, James D.
Mine Ma Mealies! by Fraser, Ford
Mister McCafferty by Blackhall, Sheena
Mobile Phones by Blackhall, Sheena
Mowser Macafferty : The Torry Merman by Blackhall, Sheena
Murrel In by Christie, Frank


Nellie's Wooin by Mackie, Dr Lewis


Och Dad! by Johnston, William
Ogg, John by Sutherland
On Finding a Wall Clock Broken on The Floor by Mackie, Dr. Lewis
Onomatopoeia by Brown, Jim
Overheard by Morrice, Ken


Packman Jockie in 18th Century Northern Scotland by Henderson, John
Palm Sunday by Birnie, Rev Charles
Paradise Woods (Monymusk) by Glennie, James D.
Peer Pressure by Scardogan
Playin it ih Prefabs by Nardi, Tony
Prasang by Mackie, Dr Lewis
Psalm 137 by Booth, Gordon
Psalm 23 by McEwen, Rev. James S.
Psaulm 23: Community Singan Version by Gardner, Dr Bruce K.
Psaulm 23: Metrical Version. by Gardner, Dr Bruce K.
Psaulm Ane: Metrical Version (CM) by Gardner, Dr Bruce K.
Psaulm Three: Metrical Version (CM) by Gardner, Dr Bruce K.
Psaulm Twa: Metrical Version (CM) by Gardner, Dr Bruce K.
Puddle in a Peel by Scardogan
Punk wi a Small p by Benzie, Lesley


Rain by Blackhall, Sheena
Ramblin' Min by Henderson, Jonathan (Ian)
Reidfish o' Braw St. Ceerus by Henderson John
Rinnin Hame by Addison, Hazel L. R.
Robert The Bruce by Wokoma, Pat
Romans by Blackhall, Sheena


Sandy MacDandy by Wheeler, Les
Scotch n' Watter by Blackhall, Sheena
Scotland by Blackhall, Sheena
Seasonal Thoughts by Emslie, Mary
Seeking a Wife by Mackie, Dr Lewis
Seen bi the Windae Cleaner by Blackhall, Sheena
Senses by Blackhall, Sheena
Skyscraper Faimly by Blackhall, Sheena
Solar Siblings by Blackhall, Sheena
Speshul Ein by Nardi, Tony
Strushie by Henderson, John, BA (Hons.) DPE
Sue An' Shug by John Henderson BA, DPE
Sunty's Stockin by Glennie, James D.
Swingin Sixties by Blackhall, Sheena


Tae a Clootie Dumplin by Emslie, Mary
Tae A Haggis. by Addison, Hazel
Tae A Rottan by Ogg, John
Tae Rabbie Burns by Addison, Hazel
Telephone Conversation by Davidson, Margaret
The "New Fair Wind" (Lost with all hands on 11th July 1888) by Mackie, Dr Lewis
The Aquorthes Steens by Glennie, James D.
The Aul Days by Addison, Hazel
The Ballad o Cairter Jimmy by Glennie, James D.
The Beast o Kindrochit by Wheeler, Les
The Big Steen by Glennie, James D.
The Bonny Mornin Licht by Glennie, James D.
The Burnin o the Schoolie by Flann, Anne
The Bus by Blackhall, Sheena
The Bushgrave Gairden by Wyness, Lys
The Chandler's Loon by Mackie, Dr Lewis
The Check-oot Quine's Lament by Blackhall, Sheena
The Clearances by Gaffron, Aileen
The Collieston Fisherwife (circa 1900) by Mackie, Dr. Lewis
The Collieston Hogmanay. by Mackie, Dr Lewis
The Crafters by Glennie, James D.
The Craggy Heron by Munro, Mary
The Doric. by Mackie, Dr. Lewis
The Drappin Drooth by Mackie, Dr. Lewis
The Elephant's Merriege by Blackhall, Sheena
The Fecht by Scardogan
The Ferryman by Mackie, Lewis Dr.
The Fishin by Mackie, Dr. Lewis
The Flichtie Deem by Mackie, Dr Lewis
The Gweed Life by Wheeler, Les
The Joys o Gaun Bi Bus by Jaffray, Heather
The Lang Reel o Collieston by Mackie, Dr Lewis
The Learner by Addison, Hazel L. R.
The Line Duncin by Addison, Hazel L. R.
The Lollypop Man by Addison, Hazel L. R.
The Lord's Prayer by Ogston, Rev. David
The Maiden Steen by Glennie, James D.
The Makars by Ogg, John
The Mermaid and the Fisherlad by Mackie, Dr Lewis
The Pairtin by Glennie, James D.
The Prodigy by Benzie, Lesley
The Rubbits Got Ma Parsley by Birnie, Linda
The Sodjer by Blackhall, Sheena
The Spider's Web by Addison, Hazel L. R.
The Stem Mull by Gillanders, Elizabeth
The Tabby-eynd by Gardner, Dr Bruce K.
The Tattie Howkers by Addison, Hazel L. R.
The Thorn by Glennie, James D.
The Vigil by Ogston, David Rev.
The Waabit Whirlie by Fraser, Ford
The Wackerjobby by Colville, Ian
The Watterie by Scardogan
The Win by Blackhall, Sheena
The Windae Cleaner by Blackhall, Sheena
Thinkin Aheid by Gaffron, Aileen
Those were the Days by Alston, Gavin
Thoughts on a Scottish Baptism by Goodall, Phyllis J.
Three Ages Of Man by Glennie , James D.
Ti the Beach by Nardi, Tony
To my old Friend and Schoolmate, Gavin Horne. by Patterson, John
Trumpie by Ogg, John


Uncannie Places by Goodall, Phyllis J.
Up Abeen by Gaffron, Aileen


Waatchword! by Wheeler, Les
Waddin Blessin by Robertson, Stanley
Wakkin ih Beach by Nardi, Tony
Wannerin Shaadas by Graham, Peter
Weemin's Wark (On a Ferm In The 1930s) by Birnie, Rev. Charles
Willie's Dog by Wokoma, Pat
Winter by Blackhall, Sheena
Wir Mither by Leith, Sheena
Wul Girse by Henderson , John BA Hons DPE


Yisterday by Mackie, Dr. Lewis
Young Toun Crazies Rule, O.K.? by Blackhall, Sheena