The Fecht

The Fecht


This fecht wis niver televised
An nae een saw't bit me
It happened on a winter's day
Ablow an aul sauch tree

Ma ring side seat astride a gate
Gaed me a close up view
A robin an a muckle thrush
Were kickin up a stew

The fecht I saw wis a aboot
A big fat juicy wirm
The robin claimed he saw it first
An on his grun steed firm

The thrush wis twice the robin's size
Ill matched I maun agree
Tho' sma he hid nae wint o' guts
An glared wi bleezin' ee

The thrush he made the first attack
The robin jumpit clear
An' turned an clawed the thrush's een
Wi taes as sharp's a spear

The big bird didna like it
An' attackit eence again
This time he coup't the robin up
An dreeve his big nib hame

I thocht the robin wid retire
Tak wing an flee awa
There's nae een cud ca' him a coord
Even tho' he wis sae sma

lnta the fray eence mair he flew
I saw the big bird flinch
He brawly kent he couldna win
So he took refuge on a brinch

The little robin preened himsel
On the girse he scoored his nib
Sine lookin' roon - noo far on earth
His that big fat wirm gaed?

The time the fecht wis goin on
The birds nor me ne'er saw
The big fat wirm tak' his chance
An quately slide awa

That fecht it gard me stop an think
I turned an hid tae stare
The wirm wis teetin roon a steen
Tae see gin they were there

So fut's the eese o fechtin friens
Isn't it easier jist tae share?
For a the time the fecht's gaun on
Yer prize micht nae be there.