Skyscraper Faimly

Skyscraper Faimly

Blackhall, Sheena

Skyscraper faimly, it maun be a chore,
Bidin twenty storeys fae yer ain front door.
Bi day, ye've gulls fur neebors, syne ye've stars aa nicht.
Save on the electric wi the meen fur licht.

Skyscraper family, it's aff heich yer hoose.
Div ye keep a bat there, far we micht hae a moose?
Fit a tapsalteerie wunner o a street
Faimlies at yer heid, ay an ithers, at yer feet!

Skyscraper faimly, dis yer washin dry?
Dis yer mither peg it onno rainbows in the sky?
Div ye get a hurl on a passin aeroplane?
Veesit Spain an ltaly, syne hame fur tea again?

Skyscraper faimly, ye've affa far tae faa
Naewye tae play wi a bycycle or baa
Fin the bairn greets, div ye hing her on a cloud?
My, it maun be lanely, hyne abeen the crowd.