Peer Pressure

Peer Pressure


The hellish legions sally forth
Each nicht tae try for a' they're worth
Tae wreck an' brak' an' trample doon
An' mak' a soss o' oor braw toon

There's been suggestions by the score
Tae stop the vandals we abhor
Bit neen o' them hiv been worthwhile
An' we canna clap them a' in jile

Noo takin' ye jist een bi een
Ye're nae bad loons ava
It's fan ye jine up wi' a gang
It's then ye brak' the law

Pey nae heed tae the leader
O' yer ain particular gang
Mak up yer min this verra nicht
That his wey is a wrang

I'm askin' every mither
An' every father tae
Afore yer loons gang oot the nicht
Read them this verse fae me