Country Loon

Country Loon

Leith, Sheena

It wisnae easy for ony o's.

Wiks o you loosin athing
an the threed o maist things;
takin aff oot the windae
across a plood park
in a cauld December nicht.

It wisnae easy.

Dubby sheen tae clean
an you the loon, in fae the horse
speirin for yir mither, an her deid lang syne.
Telt yi nott a fite sark
for the funeral.

Syne staunin at the windae
pintin oot the bonny rose
pluntit in March
for yir golden weddin.

It wisnae easy,
so yi wis hospitalized
in Aiberdeen.

Three wards later
an fower fleer up
pyjama clad; keepit fae yir breeks an sark
fair ferfochan in yir ain confusin
tryin tae win oot throu a haloperidol haze
'A'm absolutely tint,' yi says.

Bit I kint fine far yi wis an fit yi mint.
Yi wisnae athegither tint.