Doric Food Rap

Doric Food Rap

Blackhall, Sheena

Birssle, birssle sing the twa broon kippers,
Catched fur the grill bi the North East skippers.
Oatcakes, cornflakes, da likes haddies,
Weetabix fur us! cry growin laddies.

Granda's suppin up pease meal brose.
Gyad, yon's scunnerin. Haud yer nose.
Granda's teeth's in a wee fite mug,
Doon gaes the pease meal glug, glug, glug.

Mollie the collie chaws an auld coo's been.
The catty gnaws a ratty wi its milk an cream.
Skweel denner's trendy, mine's a pyoke
O chips wi a burger an a can o coke.

Kali frae Bali in classroom three,
Swallaes her chippataes wi a cup o tea.
Dod Jean an Donna sit doon tae dine,
On a parten an a labster fae the ocean brine.

Hame tae teas- snuff the smells aa roon,
Hairy tatties wyte fur Willie Broon,
Pizza fur Peter brocht fae Italy,
Omelette fur Jessie bocht in gay Paree,
Stir fry chukken jist fur Mary Anne,
Paella fur Bella, an chilli fur Sam.

Mary Buchan's waukin back tae stovies,
Mrs Giuseppi's dishin up anchovies,
Jimmy May'll hae a plate o skirlie,
Cullen Skink is on the plate fur Shirley,
An I can tell bi the sea fish bree,
There's buckies bylin on the hob fur me.

On wi the jammies, suppertime noo
Shortbreid cocoa, my kyte's foo!