Blackhall, Sheena

Chap the tatties, bree the neeps,
Gie the broth a steer.
Dicht the bairnie's faces,
Christmas denner's here!

Clootie dumplin in the pan,
Hotterin up an doon,
Fairy lichts ging plunk again,
Haun the tangies roon.

Birssled bubbly jock fur wikks,
Halflins scalin beer,
Balloons that winna bide up.
Trifle on the fleer.

Faither squar-eed watching sport,
Littlins wint cartoons.
They've riven oot the aerial
Fa inventit loons!

Santa left a heeze o gifts
Fae his muckle sack.
Karen disna like her toys
He can hae them back.