Ti the Beach

Ti the Beach

Nardi, Tony

Another one of my favorites. I had a good laugh writing this one. Remembering just how much fun it was. I have so many more to write about trips to the beach.

Ti the Beach

It wid start wi mi Ma shoutin brokeners
Follow'd wi mi Da shoutin juice
It seem'd like wi hid oanly twa minits
Ti get oorsels oot oh the hoose

So ah wis sint rinnin doon ti Woolies
Wi a siller thrupney in mi han
Telt ti buy hunders oh brokeners
N ti be back is quik is a can

Mi Da wid mak up ih dilutin juice
N fill ih flask ti the brim wi tea
Am sure is a lookit em straight in ih face
A could see thit he wis is glekkit is me

Wi'd stap ah the stuff in cairrier bugs
In cardboart boaxis is weil
If er wis a stranger stood in ih hoose
He'd surly hiv thocht "Ther ah feil"

Wi good wither yi mak traks ti the beach
Fin ers thi hint oh an Aiberdein sun
Mi fare is tuppince oan ih 22 bus
Aff't King street, Wak ih boolie n oors oh fun

Wi thi soaftist sand here it Aiberdein beach
It lifted mi haert n made mi glaid
Ahd rin back n fore, dra faces wi mi feet
Then play oors wi mi buckit n spade.

Wi mi energy drain't n body fare puggl't
Ah washt oot n airms by mi side
Mi mother wid say, time fur hame
Then ahd be greetin sayin am wuttin ti bide

Wipin thoan sand fae tin chicks oh mi bum
Fit seem'd like oors oan end
Fidgetin, fickerin n firlin mi punts
Jist aboot drove mi roon ih bend

I will aye mind the faimily days oot
Thoan times spint it the beach
It's oanly ah bussy or a 6 mile wak
Bit it'll nivver ivver be oot oh reach