Rinnin Hame

Rinnin Hame

Addison, Hazel L. R.

A pair o grey skweel troosers,
A sark tail hingin doon
Fae aneth a wivven ganzey
Meant for a bigger loon,
Hair aa blaan an tousle't
For wint o brush an kaim,
Bit a little happy facie
Wis maakin it's wye hame.

Kickin at the steenies,
Skweel bug trail't alang,
Ae airm in his jaiket,
Hidna faar tae gyang,
Aye a cheery greetin
An a smile tae fowk he'd ken,
Cam fae the happy facie
Maakin it's wye hame.

Rinnin ower the play park
A shottie on a swing,
Catchin bonny butterflies
An bummle bees 'at sting,
Pooches foo o treasures,
A bool, a screw, a lame,
Aa precious tae that happy facie
Maakin it's wye hame.

Jist aroon the corner noo
There staans number eight,
Little sister waitin
Wavin fae the gate,
Mither in the kitchen
Waitin there her leen
Tae hear the happy facie
Shoutin "hello Ma I'm hame".