Mobile Phones

Mobile Phones

Blackhall, Sheena

Mobile Phones! Pring! Pring!
In taxi, car an bus they bleat
Pring! Pring! Ye hear them ring
Frae ilkie secunt pooch ye meet.

Mobile phones! They garr me jar!
Somebody needs an answer noo!
Nae pleisur, leisur, R. an R.
Big Brither, He is watchin you.

Mobile phones! Fae Cove tae France,
Wi their denner in their moo,
Business fowk in conference
They'll aa be deid bi 42.

Pring! Pring! Oh ring awa!
Fit tae burst wi things tae say
Did God phone up tae tell the stars
I'm makkin Africa the day!'

Tae busy lugs they're clapt like clams
Spikk, spikk, spikk, spikk
Mannies, wifies pushin prams
Gie's a perra earplugs quick!