Loch Muick

Loch Muick

Munro, Mary

Fyles it cries on me, lang an sair,
Thon loch mun the auld grey hills.
Fain wid I leave ahin a wardly care,
Tae wanner its heather braes an rills.

In simmer heat the waater glints
Wi diamond-freckled ripples dancin.
Autumn comes wi deein-mellow tints, Reflections o' the purple banks an hills.

Granite-grey stauns Glassalt Sheil, Testament tae Victoria's love an grief.
A widda's hoose, a lonely bield,
A balm her hurtet hert tae heal.

Dark an broodin in stormy skies
Or smilin in the warmin sun,
Yer ever changin' moods forge the ties That bind us fowk tae Muick's auld glen.