Wakkin ih Beach

Wakkin ih Beach

Nardi, Tony

When I was a lad, I would visit my grandfather
who lived in an area of Aberdeen called Seaton, which is situated
quite close to the beach. Nearly every weekend I used to play down
at the beach and remember vividly one particular day where
I got a little wet, well more than a little as you will see
by reading on. It wasn't funny on the day I can assure you, but now
that I can look back it is quite a funny and fond memory.

Wakkin ih Beach

Me in'mi pals wer wakkin ih beach
Fin wi decidid ti play a dare
Sumdee ti wak oot oan ih breaker
Then sumdee else ti wak mare

My shoaty came roon soon enough
So a climbed up oan ih breaker
Well I shuffled along gettin cockie
Thinkin Ho Ho now this is a caker

I wis steady now watchin mi feet
So a nivver really sah the wave
It catched mi hard across ih shins
N' now akint ah wisna si brave

So there a wiz flappin mi airms
Tryin ti keep mi fit oan ih wid
Then a thought a nearly cad it back
Bit thought wiz rang n'ats fin a slid

A keeled oer landin oan mi side
In'ih watter wiz freezin cahl
The icy sea really bit me hard
Abbidy heard me scream n'bahl

I wiz splashin in' I wiz flaylin
In' eventually struggled ti mi feet
Managed ti bide up, knees shakin
N'wiz neer the point far a'd greet

A mannie stop't n' gave advice
'Yi'll catch yer deth oh cahl loon
Now goan tik a wak oer ti the baths
N' see if the canna dry yi doon'

The Beach Baths wisna aht far awa
So wi put a bit oh a spurt oan
Ah dinna think av ivver bin si cahl
Aye ah the wye right ti the bone

Ah wakkit right up ti the coonter
Wi drookit clise in' chatrin teeth
Ih wifie lookit shakin er heid
'Now cum we me ti the biler aneeth'

Mi body felt like it wiz frozen
Legs like jeely ah could hardly stahn
She came roon fae the back
N'd took a hud oh me by the hahn

She took mi doon ti the biler
Far ih stoker said, 'kimeer yi feel
Now quickly get thoan weet clise aff
Wull get you dry n' keep yi weil'

He wis rummagin in aboot a boax
Bit ah nivver hid a clue fit fore
Then oot came a pair oh swimmers
'Pit im oan', e'ses, 'n' get throu aht door'

Mi eyes aboot poppit oot mi heid
Ti be swimmin in ih baths for free
'Go oan,' he se's, 'afore she cums doon
N'd cum back in 20 minnuts ti me.'

Ah watch't ih clock neer every minit
Hopin th't time wid slow right doon
Bit nah I only gote a wee whiley
Gan back ti the mannie cum to soon

A said mi thanks n' aff a wint
It wis then ah minded oan mi mates
The wiz ah jealous every ein
Stood waitin it ih coonter gates

I wint hame we a smile oan mi face
Mynin the mannie fa gid good advice
Aht mannie ahl I remember him
Fin ivver mi bleeds turnin ti ice