The Spider's Web

The Spider's Web

Addison, Hazel L. R.

It wis spun by a big black spider fae a corner o' the room,
It made a lacey pattern, as it twirl't it roon an roon,
It didna taak it very laang tae spin a fit or twa,
For the neist time at I lookit, it wis half-wye doon the waa,
It hung aboot there for a fyle, syne it startit climmin doon,
On a threed o' shiney gossamer, it swung aboot the room.

It spun a length tae taak it richt doon tae the skirtin boord,
Noo ye can aa say fit ye like bit a spider's nae a coord,
For it dangle't on aat silky threed till it landit on it's feet,
An efter fixin doon the ein, it startit tae retreat,
It made a bee-line for the licht, an gaed roon an roon the shade,
Till ye cwidna see the licht bulb for the cobweb aat it made.

Fin the spider finish't spinnin it craawl't doon inside the licht,
It haul't upon the hinmaist threed an pull't it in real ticht,
It hidna laang tae wyte till it heard a buzzin soun,
It peepit oot an saa a flea gaan tearin roon the room,
It caam buzzin roon aboot the licht, the spider lower't it's heid,
An patiently it wytit there, pretendin tae be deid.

The flea it took a closer look, aat's faan it met it's fate,
It's wing got tangle't in the web, the spider didna wyte,
It ran oot on the ticht rope, jist like a circus clown,
The flea jist shook it's heid, on it's face there wis a frown,
It kint it cwidna get awa, it hid fairly met it's doom,
An aa bekiz a spider made a cobweb in the room.