Bus Driver

Bus Driver

Blackhall, Sheena

Ching! Here's a pensioner.
Wyte till she's on!
Move ower an gie her a seat!
Come on!

Sklaikin an lauchin,
Fa's next in?
Bairns fur the skweel
Twa,three,twenty ahin!

Staunin room anely!
Shove ben!
Shove ben!
We hinna got
Aa day tae wyte, ye ken!
Click ging the wipers
Rainin again!

The wheels are splooterin ben the weet,
Stop fur the bobby waukin the beat,
He's waved us on wi the cars an larries,
The bikes, the vans, the scooters, the taxis.

Dunt the horn,
Gie the traffic a toot!
Keek in the mirror!
Fa's this edgin oot?
A horse box wi twa muckle shelts inside!
Heh min.....
Hivn't ye heard aboot Park and Ride!