The Lollypop Man

The Lollypop Man

Addison, Hazel L. R.

He staans at the corner o' the street,
His jackit shinin bricht,
It's colour't sort o' limey green'
An fairly taaks yer sicht,
As he mairches oot intae the road
An gaars the traffic stop,
Till the bairnies aa cross safely ower
Wi their baa an skippin rope.

Ye'll see him there fower times a day
Through rain an sleet an sna,
Grippin his banner in his haan
An shelterin ahinn the waa,
The bairnies rin tae meet him
As they hurry tae the skweel,
He sees they aa get safely there
An hame again as weel.

He's aye a smile upon his face
An a sweetie in his haan
Tae gie tae a little bairnie
Faa's facie's unca laang,
They tell him aa their problems
He turns their tears intae a smile,
They ken 'it they can trust him,
An be his freen jist for a while.

He chats up aa the wifies
As they waak alaang the street,
He gets aa the bits o' gossip
Fae the fowkies 'aat he meets,
Tho maist o' them are locals
He'll hae a news wi strangers tae,
An afore they taak the road again
He'll ken aa their history.

He kens faa's deid, faa's mairrit,
Faa's hoose is up for sale,
Bit if he's tell't a secret
Ye can be sure he winna tell,
He jist loves tae hae a blether,
Bit he'll help ye if ye can,
I'm sure ye aa ken faa he is'
It's Johnnie the lollypop man.