Gloria Carrot

Gloria Carrot

Blackhall, Sheena

Gloria Carrot,
Turned up her snoot
At ingins an tatties,
Scots veggies an fruit.

'Ochone, ' sighed Miss Carrot,
'I sud hae bin born
Tae commune wi bananas,
Star fruit an sweetcorn,
Fur ingins are common
An tatties are roch
(And baith can be fand
In the soo's feedin troch)

Wi ma bonnie green toorie,
Ma coatie sae braw,
I could happily mix wi
A peach or paw-paw.'

A rubbit wis passin.
Withoot mair adee,
He pued up Miss Carrot
An ett her fur tea.
Syne dichtin his fuskers, quo
'Carrots are fine,
Bit I'd raither ett lettuce
Or kail onytime!