The Joys o Gaun Bi Bus

The Joys o Gaun Bi Bus

Jaffray, Heather

I dinna like tae maak a fuss,
Bit wi jist ae wik o gaun bi bus
I've caught a caal, if nae the flu,
If I kint faa tae try, I'd sue.
I'm fed up wytin in the rain,
The seats are hard, mi back's in pain.
I fairly miss the car.

The jitterin joltin o the bus
Maaks mi feel quite nauseous.
The jostle an bustle o queues o fowk
There's nairy a seat an I'm ayewis broke.
I've niver change for the bussie fare
I hud a'body up file they glower an glare.
I fairly miss the car.

Gie Public Transport a go they say.
Get on the bus for jist ae day.
Leave yer car at hame they sigh,
Ye hiv tae gie it jist ae try.
Bit faar are "they" faan I'm the een
That's stanin in the rain aleen
Wytin for the bus tae come,
Mi feet are weet, I'm tired an done.
I fairly miss the car.

I canna staan the chitterin wifies
Claikin on ahin ma heid,
The journey hame is niver-endin,
I wish this bus wid pick up speed.
Thank God! mi stop is noo in sicht,
I maun get aff this bus the nicht.
I ken fan I hiv hid enough,
Ye can keep yer Public Transport stuff.
Next wik I'll taak the car.