At the Shopping Centre

At the Shopping Centre

Blackhall, Sheena

Paper Shoppie
Watch yer pooch. Heich on hooch
There's a muggar on the mooch.

Leave yer Ma, wi yer Da,
They winna like yer choice ava.

Plastic dummies wi wigs tappit,
Showin claes that keep fowk happit
Lacy punties fae Paree...frilly bloomers roon yer knee

Scaffies, navvies, queues fur lavvies,
Jungle pot plants heich an green
Sparkies, skiffies, mannies, wifies,
At the shops in Aiberdeen.

Faist Food
Burgers, chips, a can o coke
Somewye clean tae park yer dock

Coffee, chocolate, pick an choose
Wi yer friens tae text an news

Sweetie shoppies, jewellers' staas,
Littlins fechtin wi their Mas.

Safties, trainers, sandals buits
Merchin throwe the city streets

Holidays in Spain or Troon
Book them at the shops in toon!