Changin Times, Changin Faimlies

Changin Times, Changin Faimlies

Blackhall, Sheena

Mary has three Das, a Ma an a brither,
Kate his fower sisters, a granny, a Da.
John's in a foster hame, he bides thegither
Wi 23 littlins, key wirkers an aa.

Kylie has uncles, Sam, Willie an Frankie
She shares her Da wi a faimly o three
Da gies her bosies, an coins fur her bankie.
She sees him fur holidays, fin he is free.

Josie's adopted and Geordie's in care
Tam bides wi his Ma up a tenement stair
His fowk are divorced, noo Jim Tocher can blaw
Maist bairns hae ae hame, bit he has got twa.

Some men hae twa wives an ithers hae neen
Some men hae harems an some bide their leen
Whyles, bairns are rationed. In Kibbutzim, shared,
In the puirest o lans they maun thrive tae be spared.

Aince fowk got merriet for iver an iver
Times are a-changin like doon-rinnin san
Turn aroon, turn aroon sister an brither
Treat ilkie body like ane o yer clan.