Punk wi a Small p

Punk wi a Small p

Benzie, Lesley

Ah waited at the John door
in the birthplace o American punk rock,
beside a girl fa wore a vinyl lace up corset
secured by straps and buckles,
wi a matchin mini skirt and suspender belt
attached ti fish net stockins
and boots that were made for rockin,
a leather jacket and
enough braclets that made a racket
so you could hear her comin
afore ye got a glimpse at a 100 paces
o the scarlet nails, lips and hair
that set off her scary pussy cat face.

She said
''what the hell takes them so long in there"

Ah said
"They're probably puttin on lipstick and combin their hair'

''Well, who in the hell cares.
Me, I just don't give a damn what I look like".