Swingin Sixties

Swingin Sixties

Blackhall, Sheena

In the Swingin Sixties
Tae swing in Aiberdeen
Loons wore kipper ties
An played 'The Yalla Submarine'
Mini skirts grew shorter ,
As mankind reached the meen.

Happy Hippy Flooer Pouer
John, Paul, George an Ringo
Lulu on the trannie,
Mither,aff tae Bingo

The idol o America
Wis J.F.Kennedy
Mini cars an motorwyes
Black an white TV!

Beehive hairdos, Mary Quant,
Beads an thigh-length beets
Chawin chuddy on the bus
An stickin't on the seats

In the Swingin Sixties
Typhoid hit the toun
A microscopic beastie
Closed the hale city doon.

In the Swingin Sixties
It wis cool tae smoke
Noo, we full the surgeries...
Hoast, hoast, choke.