Sue An' Shug

Sue An' Shug

John Henderson BA, DPE

The lang wauk fae his hoose tae Sue's hame
Wis nivver a baither tae Shug,
Fur the welcome she gied wis aft in jos' ain leid,
Nae in wirds bit wi wags an' a hug.

She wud aye pit her plaid roon her shooders,
An' tak a ticht grup o' Shug's han,
Syne leuk him in the ee, an' speer,"Fit's it tae be,
Doon tae Glen Birk anse faar we stan?"

E'en fan Shug said, "I'm thristy an' hungert",
Sich wis nivver a baither tae Sue,
Fur she'd lang kent Shug oan a toom stamach
Hud nae wiss tae bill an' coo!

Sae Sue fan she lern'd Shug micht veesit
Hud pieces oan jeely makt up,
An' het cuppies o' tea anse a bottle o' bree
Whilk sae gledly he'd aye aet an' sup.

Syne thegither they'd ging doon the roddie,
An' ower the brig tae the glen,
Till they won thur quait neuk by its clair babblin' brook,
Maistly saff fae cauld wind an' reyn.

Gif ye've thochts aboot fat they gat uptae,
I shair howp ye'll kep thase tae yersel,
'Cept a saicret I'll noo let ye intae ....
Naithin' they did wis fell!