Leadership Team
School Executive
Professor John Skatun Dean and Head of School
Dr William Jackson Deputy Dean and Director of Resources
Professor W David McCausland Director of Education and Head of Economics
Professor Keith Bender Director of Research
Dr Joyce Chen Director of Internationalisation
Adam Smith Head of Business Management and Director of External Engagement
Dr Chunxia Jiang Head of Accounting, Finance and Real Estate
Philip Jenkins-Walsh Head of Administration
Professor Jing Cai Director of Staffing
School Wide Roles
Director of Postgraduate Research
Selma Carson Director of Quality
Dr Yakubu Abdul-Salam Director of Online
Dr Thereza Deaguiar Ethics Officer
Professor Alexandros Zangelidis Director of Research Impact
Professor Zaheer Khan Director of REF
Fiona Stoddard Director of Student Experience
Dr Naser Makarem Partnership Programme Lead
Dr John Lamb Academic Integrity Chair
Dr Varuni Wimalasiri Equality, Diversity and Inclusion Lead
Dr Laura McCann Senior Exams Officer
Dr Martin Wersing Senior Exams Officer
Dr Eva Pocher Senior Personal Tutor
Adam Smith Enterprise and Innovation Champion
Selma Carson AACSB Lead
Alex Mackrell EQUIS Lead
Research Centre Directors
Professor Audrey Paterson Director of Governance, Accountability and Sustainability
Professor Alex Kemp Director of Aberdeen Centre for Research in Energy Economics and Finance
Professor Norman Hutchison Director of Centre for Real Estate Research
Professor Alexandros Zangelidis Director of Centre for Labour Market Research
Professor Zaheer Khan Co-Director of Africa Asia Centre for Sustainability
Professor Jie Wu Co-Director of Africa Asia Centre for Sustainability
Dr Mauro Papi Director of Scottish Experimental Economics Laboratory (Research Facility)
Heads of Group
Dr Kenneth Weir Head of Accounting Group
Dr Abraham Adu Head of Finance Group
Dr Nan Liu Head of Real Estate Group
Dr Agathe Rouaix Head of Economics Group
Dr Shainaz Firfiray Head of People and Technology Group
Dr Yanghong (Alice) Hu Head of Strategy, Marketing and Entrepreneurship Group
Discipline Research Directors
Professor M. Azizul Islam Director of Research for Accounting
Dr Fotios Papadimitriou Director of Research for Finance
Dr Rainer Schulz Director of Research for Real Estate
Professor J. Ignacio Canales Director of Research for Business Management
Dr Prachi Singh Director of Research for Economics
Administration Team
Business School Office
Philip Jenkins-Walsh Head of Administration
Academic & Programme Support
Louise McKenzie Academic & Programme Support Manager
Accounting, Finance & Real Estate
Julie Davidson Accounting, Finance & Real Estate Team Lead
Diane Hewitt School Administration Coordinator 
Carolyn Johnston School Administration Assistant
Ruth Tweedie School Administration Assistant
Business Management & International Business
Cherie Connon Business Management & International Business Team Lead
Anna Gaw School Administration Assistant
Jennifer Salmond School Administration Coordinator (Online Programmes)
Ashley Whyte School Administration Assistant
Claire McArthur Economics Team Lead
Kieran Leith School Administration Assistant
Post Graduate Research
Ashley Lim School Administration Coordinator
Academic Enquiries Accounting Enquiries Finance Enquiries Economics Enquiries Business Management Enquiries Real Estate Enquiries Online & TNE Enquiries Extra Credits & Waivers Enquiries PhD Admissions Enquiries
Enhancements & Reputation
Stephanie Marajh Accreditation, QA & Engagement Manager
Julie Adamson Senior School Administrator (Accreditation)
Nathalie Kemp School Administrator (Quality Assurance)
Samantha Begg Business Engagement Advisor
Jaye Carr Partnership & Recruitment Officer External Engagement Enquiries Accreditation Enquiries
Laura Kruitbos Operations Manager
Aizhamal Akhayeva Personal Assistant to Head of School
Sarah-Anne Gervaise School Administration Coordinator (Operations)
Nick Hindley School Administration Coordinator (Research)
Fumi Nakamaru School Administration Coordinator (Editorial Assistant for the Scottish Journal of Political Economy & PA to Professor Kemp) Facilities Enquiries Purchasing, Travel & Finance Queries For Temporary PhD Tutor & Invigilator Contracts
Lucy Holmes Lead Marketing Officer
Lewis Robinson Digital Marketing Officer


Programme Directors
Undergraduate Programme Directors
Dr Sarah Smith MA Accountancy
Dr Laura McCann MA Finance
Selma Carson MA Real Estate
MA Economics
Professor J Ignacio Canales MA / MBus International Business
Professor Donald Hislop MA Business Management
Postgraduate Programme Directors
Dr Nikos Vlassis MSc/LLM Energy Economics and Law
Dr Nikos Vlassis MScEcon Petroleum, Energy Economics and Finance
MSc Energy Economics and Finance (Online)
Dr Naser Makarem MScEcon Accounting and Finance
Dr Fotios Papadimitriou MScEcon Finance and Investment Management
Dr Chunxia Jiang MSc International Business and Finance
Mr John Storm MBA
Professor Pervaiz Akhtar

MBA Business Analytics

Dr Yanghong (Alice) Hu MSc International Business Management
Professor Pervaiz Akhtar MBA Energy Management
Dr Shainaz Firfiray MSc International Human Resource Management
Dr Seungho Lee MSc Finance (Online)
Dr Daniel Gyimah MSc Corporate Finance and Law
Professor Gerhard Kling MSc Financial Technology
Dr Seungho Lee MSc International Finance and Political Relations
Dr Huda Khan MSC Marketing Management
Director of Postgraduate Research
Professor Audrey Paterson
PGR Discipline Coordinators
Dr Nglaa Ahmad Accountancy
Dr Rainer Schulz Real Estate
Dr Benedikt Mihm Economics
Name Role Interests
Dr Thereza Sales de Aguair Senior Lecturer in Accountancy

Corporate social responsibility, climate change, gender, accounting education and MNCs.

Alex Arthur

Emeritus Senior Lecturer in Accountancy Accountancy.

Dr Nglaa Ahmad

Lecturer in Accountancy

Critical accounting, corporate accountability, modern slavery in the global supply chain, gender equality, climate change, sustainability issues.

Professor Azizul Islam Professor of Accountancy and Subject Research Lead Sustainability accounting,  Human rights & modern slavery related accountability and transparency, SDGs & social audits, corporate anti-bribery measures.
Desidre Coopasamy Lecturer in Accountancy Accountancy
Dr Bill Jackson Senior Lecturer in Accountancy, Deputy Dean of the Business School and Head of Department for Accountancy, Finance and Real Estate Accounting history, Healthcare accounting, Public and third sector accounting, Management control, Gender and the Accounting profession.
Dr Naser Makarem Lecturer in Accountancy Financial reporting, earnings management, audit quality, real activities manipulation.
Andrew Mulhern Lecturer in Accountancy (Scholarship) (part time) Accountancy education; philosophical issues in accounting; financial statement analysis; double-entry bookkeeping; and music and creative sector.
Dr Mohamed Osman Lecturer in Accountancy Accountancy history, sustainable development reporting in emerging countries, accounting education.
Professor Audrey Paterson

Professor of Accountancy and Director of Postgraduate Research

Healthcare accounting, anti-fraud and corruption, public and third sector accounting, Gender in the accounting profession, Accounting history.

Dr Cathurani Rathnayake  Lecturer in Accountancy (Scholarship) Accountancy
Professor Alan Sangster Professor of Accountancy

Accounting history, the theory, practice and teaching of double entry bookkeeping, accounting education, accounting systems, accounting theory.

Dr Sarah Smith Lecturer in Accountancy (Scholarship) Financial accounting & reporting; Corporate communication including voluntary disclosure and impression management; Leasing; Academic faculty issues and Accounting education.
Dr Kenneth Weir Senior Lecturer in Accountancy and Head of Accoutancy Discipline  

Mark Whittington

Senior Lecturer in Accountancy (part-time)

Strategic management accounting, accounting education, international accounting, reporting and financial statement analysis.

Theme: Finance and Governance



Name Role Interests
Dr Yakubu Abdul-Salam Senior Lecturer

Energy and environmental economics

Dr Yu Aoki Lecturer Health economics

Dr Harminder Battu


Economics of education, employment contracts, regional inequality

Professor Keith Bender

SIRE Chair in Economics, School Director of Research, Subject Research Lead

Labour Economics, Economics of Ageing, Subjective Well-being, Health Economics

Dr Juergen Bracht Lecturer Trust and reputation 

Professor Hans K Hvide

Chair in Economics and Finance (part-time)

Innovation and enterprise, investments, income risk

Professor Alex Kemp

Professor of Petroleum Economics

North Sea economics, international petroleum economics
Director: Aberdeen Centre for Research in Energy Economics and Finance

Dr Takahiko Kiso

Senior Lecturer

Energy and environmental economics, public economics

Dr Likun Mao Lecturer Health Economics, Education Economics, Economics of Ageing
Professor W David McCausland Personal Chair

macroeconomics, labour economics

Dr Marco Mello Lecturer Health Economics, Labour Economics, Political Economy


Dr Aatishya Mohanty Lecturer Economics

Professor Catia Montagna

Jaffrey Chair in Economics (part-time)

International trade theory; firms in the global economy; labour markets, trade, FDI; globalisation and labour markets; welfare state policies

Dr Mauro Papi

Senior Lecturer

Economic theory, experiments, and bounded rationality

Professor Euan Phimister

Chair in Economics (part-time)

Economics of spatial labour markets

Dr Eva Pocher


Labour Economics, International Labour Migration, Gender Pay Gap, Minimum Wages and Trade Wars


Economics of spatial labour markets

Dr Agathe Rouaix

Lecturer, Head of Economics Group


Dr Prachi Singh



Professor John Skåtun

Dean and Head of School, Head of Economics

Labour economics, labour market contracting, trades unions

Professor Ioannis Theodossiou

Chair in Economics (part-time)

Wage determination, unemployment, macroeconomics

Dr Nikolaos Vlassis


Energy and environmental economics

Chair in Environmental and Resource Economics

Environmental Economics; Environmental Policy and Technological Change; Industrial Organisation; Applied Game Theory     

Professor Alex Zangelidis

Personal Chair

Labour economics 

Name Role Interests
Dr Abraham Adu Lecturer in Finance (Scholarship), Head of Finance Discipline


Professor Angela Black

Emeritus Professor of Finance

Asset pricing, household finance, corporate finance

Dr Filipa Da Silva Fernandes Senior Lecturer in Finance

Corporate finance, financial economics, banking

Dr Daniel Gyimah Senior Lecturer in Finance


Dr Weihao Han Lecturer in Finance FinTech, Climate Finance, Asset Pricing
Dr Chunxia Jiang Senior Lecturer in Finance


Dr Semih Kerestecioglu Lecturer in Finance Finance

Professor Gerhard Kling

Professor of Finance


Dr Yaodong Liu
Lecturer in Finance


Dr Seungho Lee Lecturer in Finance


Dr Laura McCann

Senior Lecturer in Finance

Corporate finance, debt source, relationship banking

Dr Fotios Papadimitriou

Senior lecturer in Finance, Subject Research Lead


Dr Son Pham Lecturer in Finance Finance
Dr Pranjal Srivastava Lecturer in Finance Finance
Dr Huong Vu Lecturer in Finance Corporate finance, quantitative finance
Zeyu Zhang Lecturer in Finance Finance
Business Management
Name Role Interests
Business Management
Professor Pervaiz Akhtar Personal Chair

Business Analytics

Dr Scott Allan Lecturer The sociology, management and governance of professionals and professional work. In that context, financialisation of professional services and related metricisation of performance and control mechanisms; identity and subjectivity; power relations; knowledge/expertise and trust; technology and its effect on work
Dr Iva Atanassova Lecturer Management consulting, innovation and marketing strategy
Dr Ali Bayat Lecturer

Firm policy, corporate governance, strategic leadership, policy implications of big data

Georgia Brown Lecturer Business Consulting and Project Management

Professor Jing Cai

Personal Chair

Technology management, innovation, dynamic capability, strategic management, gorporate governance

Professor J Ignacio Canales Personal Chair and Subject Research Lead

Strategic Management

Dr Xiaoqing (Joyce) Chen Lecturer, Director of Internationalisation

Tourism Management, Customer Experience, Interpretive Paradigm, Asian Management Culture, Philosophies in Management

Dr Shainaz Firfiray Senior Lecturer, Interim Head of People and Technology Group HRM, work-life balance, employee well-being, diversity, and family firms.    
Dr Tatiana Gladkikh Lecturer leadership, cross-cultural issues in the global business environment
Professor Donald Hislop Personal Chair

technology and work, mobile working, teleworking, knowledge management, artificial intelligence

Dr Yanghong (Alice) Hu Lecturer, Interim Head of Strategy, Marketing and Entrepreneurship Group

Sub-national institutions in emerging economies, institutional theory, corporate diversification, strategic management, entrepreneurship in emerging economies

Professor Sofia Johan Professor in Entrepreneurial Finance (part-time)

entrepreneurial finance

Dr Loliya Kagher Lecturer behavioural, cultural, and African studies
Dr Esraa Karam Lecturer  
Dr Huda Khan Senior Lecturer

Management (Marketing)

Professor Zaheer Khan Professor in Strategy & International Business

Global technology management, Knowledge transfer, international alliances, post-acquisition behaviour of emerging markets' firms, automotive industry, internationalisation of SMEs, and CSR practices of firms operating in emerging markets

Dr Youngsoo Kim Lecturer Tourism

Dr John Lamb


Operational research, combinatorial and stochastic optimisation and simulation

Alex Mackrell Teaching Fellow Business Management
Professor Martin Meyer Chair in Business and Innovation (part-time)  
Dr Elham Moonesirust Lecturer, Head of Department

Identity and subjectivity; power; science and technology studies; critical management studies; gender studies, ethics of care; qualitative methodologies

Professor Stephanie Morgan Professor and Director of Enhancements & Reputation

Business School accreditations, use of social media in HE, IT outsourcing, staff responses to change.

Dr Nicola Naughton

Lecturer (Scholarship)

Recruitment and selection, organisational behaviour, knowledge management and coaching

Dr Ijeoma Okpanum


Leadership, institutional logics and organisational trust

Professor Simon Parker Chair in Entrepreneurship (fractional contract) Entrepreneurship
Dr Xiaohui (Leo) Shi Senior Lecturer


Adam Smith

Senior Lecturer

Management (Entrepreneurship and Management Practice)

Dr Carol Smith Lecturer (Scholarship)


Dr Tim Stone


Qualitative consumer research on ageing, religion, or quality of life

John Storm Senior Lecturer Business Management    
Dr Muhammad Wasim Teaching Fellow Business Management

Russell Williams

Senior Lecturer (Scholarship)

Marketing and entrepreneurship: online trust (peer reviews and peer endorsements), crowdfunding (project pitches), entrepreneurship (entrepreneurship education).

Dr Varuni Wimalasiri Lecturer, EDI Lead  
Professor Jie Wu  Professor in Strategy and Entrepreneurship

Internationalisation of emerging multinational enterprises, top management team, the behavioural theory of a firm, institutional complexity, culture and strategy, innovation, entrepreneurship, 

Real Estate
Name Role Interests
Dr Muhammed Bolomope Lecturer in Real Estate  
Selma Carson Senior Lecturer in Real Estate (Scholarship), Director of Quality Assurance  
Professor Martin Hoesli Professor of Real Estate (part-time)  
Professor Norman Hutchison Professor of Real Estate Finance, commercial property valuation and investment, risk measurement and communication, and more
Dr Nan Liu Senior Lecturer in Real Estate and Head of Real Estate Discipline Property investment and property market analysis
Professor Bryan MacGregor Emeritus Professor of Real Estate  
Dr Rainer Schulz Senior Lecturer in Real Estate and Subject Research Lead Housing market analysis and statistical modelling
Dr Fiona Stoddard Lecturer in Real Estate (Scholarship) Property valuation
Dr Martin Wersing Lecturer in Real Estate Housing market analysis and statistical modelling