Dr Youngsoo Kim

Dr Youngsoo Kim
Dr Youngsoo Kim
Dr Youngsoo Kim


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Dr Youngsoo Kim joined the Business School at the University of Aberdeen as a Lecturer in Business Management in January 2023. He previously served as a PhD researcher in International Tourism Management at the School of Hospitality and Tourism Management, University of Surrey, Guildford.

The overcharging focus of Dr Kim's research is firmly grounded on cognitive-affective-behavioural links in the consumer decision-making process in tourism contexts. Within this, he is building his research agenda around three streams of research: cognitive processing (e.g., remembering), affective response (e.g., emotion, mood), and consumer behaviour (e.g., tourist future behaviour). From the methodological perspective, he focuses on scale development, experimental design, and longitudinal analysis. Particularly, he is interested in research that generates theoretical, methodological and practical implications for tourism management.


Research Overview

Dr Kim focuses on tourism memory, well-being and behaviour with the aim to bridge two research strands, marketing and positive psychology. Specifically, my research area revolves around experiential marketing, cognitive-affective-behavioural link in the consumer decision-making process, and consumer well-being. He published journal articles in the Journal of Travel Research, and Annals of Tourism Research. Above all, he is keen to share his knowledge and collaborate with other promising researchers.  

Research Interests:

Consumer Marketing and Psychology in Tourism and Hospitality

Experiential marketing, consumer memory (e.g., tourism memory), consumer decision-making process, communication strategy, psychological need satisfaction, customer motivation, hedonic & eudaimonic well-being, and customer loyalty.


Scale development, experimental design, and longitudinal analysis.

Current Research

His three-year (2023-2025) research goal is to strengthen the concept of tourism memory, and the cognitive-affective-behavioural links in the consumer decision-making process.



Teaching Responsibilities


  • Understanding The Consumer 
  • Research Methods For Business


  • Destination and Tourists 
  • Research Practice 
  • International Tourism Management Dissertation

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