Business Advisory Board

Business Advisory Board

The Business School Advisory Board was established in 2019 to help shape the University of Aberdeen Business School’s strategic goals to enhance students’ employment prospects, collaborate with industry and assist in being future focussed with research and course offerings.

The Business School Advisory Board members are leaders in their fields and enthusiastic about offering guidance and sharing knowledge to support the development of the Business School.

The Board meets twice a year and meetings are chaired by Professor George Yule, Honorary Professor of Entrepreneurship at the University of Aberdeen.

The main purpose of the Business Advisory Board is to provide qualified support and advise to shape the school’s strategic goals of enhancing students’ employment prospects, collaborating with external businesses, and assisting the Business School in being ‘future focussed’ with research and course offerings in alignment with industry trends and needs, while supporting the regional economic, social and cultural recovery.

Key Objectives:

  • Support the school’s stated aims, values, and objectives
  • Engage with stakeholders- School / Industry / Community
  • Monitor / assess stakeholders’ needs, industry trends, and skills required for the 21st century
  • Challenge status quo / identify opportunities to create and add value
  • Participate in / demonstrate best practices in all aspects of the student experience
  • Assist in shaping the future strategic direction of the school

Board members

  • Professor George Yule, Chair of Business Advisory Board
  • Professor Martin Meyer, University of Vaasa
  • Professor Stanley Morrice, Chair Opportunity North East Food & Drink
  • Iain Abernethy, Learning and Development Consultant, Anderson Anderson Brown
  • Anke Heggie, Senior Director, Scottish Enterprise
  • Neil Hendry, Head Teacher of Lochside Academy
  • Margo Milne, Head of Skills & Director of DYW North East Scotland
  • Professor Gary McEwan, Chief Executive, Elevator
  • Grant Rogerson, Chief Executive, ANM Group