Alumni of the University of Aberdeen Business School go on to pursue great and varied careers. Here they share their personal stories and experiences demonstrating the clear value of our degrees in the world of work

Business Graduate Success

Degrees from the University of Aberdeen Business School can give you the opportunity to embark on a range of careers around the world.

Alumni Success

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Business School Alumni Success

Graduates from the University of Aberdeen Business School can hope to join a wide range of industries and sectors of business when they complete their degrees.

International Business and Finance

Meera Sajwani - International Business and Finance

My studies have helped in my career prospects by enhancing my understanding and knowledge of business environments so that I am equipped to work anywhere around the world. This course has helped me acquire the knowledge of different fields and aspects of international business. It aided my personal growth through various personality dynamics tests, developed my level of confidence through presentations and debates, prepared me to work with groups of diverse individuals. This course has also provided real life experiences through various simulations. My professors have supported us by sharing insight of their personal experience and knowledge to help us find careers suitable to our characteristics and skills.

Finance and Investment Management

Lynette Otiti - MSc Finance and Investment Management

Aberdeen University provides unparalleled linkages to key industry players through its strategic partnerships and they provide relevant training that enabled me to gain more insight into making the right choice on choosing my first job. Further to this, the opportunity to acquire technical, analytical and business skills and gain a deeper understanding of the capital market world has helped me to understand clients and adapt to challenging situations by engaging on the assignments throughout the course.

Studying for the MSc Finance and Investment Management with CFA is important to me because, it presented one of the best opportunities to work in international markets, moving from culture to culture, and working with a broad range of clients. This coupled with my passion for technology provided me with remarkably rewarding opportunities to develop and innovate, delivering solutions that make a true difference in the way business and capital move forward.

The University of Aberdeen Business School has been the perfect fit for me because it is international, and the inclusion of CFA examinations provided a competitive advantage in beginning my career in finance. Furthermore, the extensive global connections in the finance sector, aimed at training leaders and entrepreneurs who understand business and challenge it to re-invent it for the better.

MSc Accounting and Finance

Test imageHelen Fowler  - MSc Accounting and Finance

The breadth of academic and professional learning opportunities included in my course was what attracted me to the University of Aberdeen’s business school. A particularly attractive prospect was the opportunity to enhance my CV with the ICAEW IFRS certificate, which was woven into the postgraduate course in Accounting and Finance and supported by intensive tutoring. There are also several opportunities to connect with employers, including skills and networking sessions with the Big 4 accounting firms. The course has been a great challenge and a fantastic opportunity to expand my understanding, not only of my chosen subject area, but also of current developments in global business. Overall, the quality of learning and teaching is outstanding. Teaching staff have excellent academic and professional credentials that they bring to their classes, and they are always happy to give valuable careers advice. All staff at the business school are unfailingly supportive and understanding, and doors are always open to students who need to discuss flexible study arrangements. My time at the business school has also been an intensely multicultural experience, giving me the unparalleled opportunity to build friendships and make connections with students from diverse countries and cultures, and I have enjoyed every minute.

Petroleum, Energy Economics and Finance

Sermphon Klaiseengern - MSc Petroleum, Energy Economics and Finance

At Aberdeen, my opportunity to explore and exchange the knowledge was not limited to the classroom, as I enjoyed participating in the events organised by the professional societies such as the Energy Institute, the Society of Petroleum Engineer, as well as the special lectures by the guest speakers from the industry organised by the Business School. These activities were a great platform to widen my perspective and receive the most up-to-date information in the energy industry.

One of my highlights was my  dissertation, which was in collaboration with the Oil & Gas Technology Centre (OGTC) and aimed to unlock the full potential of the UK Continental Shelf resources. I looked forward to this kind of project where I could apply the fundamentals of energy economics and finance to address the ongoing issues. Through this project I came to realise that the basic concepts that I had learned from the intensive two semesters were really useful and could be directly applied to the real-world problems. It was also a great opportunity to work under a supervision of Professor Alex G. Kemp. 

International Business Management

Richard Walker - MSc International Business Management

I have spent this year studying International Business Management which has included a wide range of courses from finance, marketing, managing people and more. I believe that gaining a fundamental understanding of different areas within business is important in order to become a successful leader. The International aspect of the course really helped me appreciate different cultures and what can be done to bring people from all over the world together to achieve common goals.

Before applying to attend the University of Aberdeen, I met with the Course Coordinator who happily took time out of her busy schedule to discuss the course and my background to ensure a good fit. Without this, I doubt I would have been here and am very grateful for it. I am on target to graduate with a distinction and plan to pursue an additional MBA qualification part time after returning to work. Once again, the course coordinator has helped me greatly in understanding what will be required of me to achieve this additional qualification.

Marketing Management

Anna Johnston - MSc Marketing Management

I was attracted to the course at Aberdeen due to its combination between theoretical study in marketing and business management, and practical experience. Whilst the course was primarily centred on marketing, it also included modules in accounting, interpersonal management, business modelling and research, giving me a broader understanding of how marketing connects with the wider business environment. Practical industry weeks were built into the programme, which gave me exposure to different areas such as energy, the third sector, and tourism.  I opted to do the work based summer project over the traditional dissertation route. This was a great opportunity to apply my knowledge into real life business scenarios. I undertook my project with a company in the Oil and Gas industry, in which I undertook market research to improve the company’s products and services in marketing and communications. My summer project certainly helped me gain the position I am currently in as it was centred on digital marketing.

The support services at the University are excellent and I would highly recommend students to take advantage of co-curricular activities. One of my highlights of my time at Aberdeen was taking part in the Careers Service mentoring programme. I was paired with a CEO who is an Aberdeen alumnus. This was a great chance to get advice and learn from an experienced professional. When I started the postgraduate course, I was slightly apprehensive as I’d studied History for my undergraduate degree. However the course is aimed at people from business backgrounds as well as for students looking to convert to a marketing career. The lecturers were so supportive when it came to preparing for assignments and the class sizes were small which made it easy to get to know other students.

MBA Energy Management

Karina Lopez Huitron - MBA Energy Management

With financial support from the Mexican government, I decided to study an MBA in Energy Management because I wanted to complement my undergraduate career as a Chemical Engineer. The programme has provided me with financial, managerial and business knowledge that I did not know given my background as an engineer. I chose to study in Aberdeen because is the energy capital of Europe.

One of my favourite courses of the programme was Business and Money because I didn´t have any notions about finance, analysing the financial ratios from the companies gives you a huge vision of how well companies are doing.

What I have also enjoy the most is the multi-cultural partners that also are studying the same programme. You get to learn different point of views from people around the world.  

There are also some industry weeks where you enable you to analyse specific industry cases in order to apply the theory you learn during the teaching week.

Once I finish my studies, my goal is to be an energy consultant and to advise decision makers in the field. Recently I applied for an internship to work in London. With the skills and knowledge, I have received from the highly qualified professors from the University I am confident that I will be able to face more ambitious challenges in the future.  


Alnasser BabakBabak Alnasser - MBA

I was promoted to a managerial position at Xodus Group (which is an Engineering Consultancy) in Oct 2015 and resigned from there in September 2016 to take on a position I was offered to be part of the Operations team at TAQA Bratani (a global Energy Company / Operator). Although my current role is NOT a managerial position per se, it was my intention to move into a position at an Operating company like TAQA, and I feel as though I do still apply the theory covered in the MBA in my day to day role.


Doing the MBA while working as a manager at Xodus was excellent and gave me a lot of appreciation of what working as a manager entails and how to overcome the challenges that managers face.  I hope to use my current position at TAQA and the knowledge attained from my MBA in Energy Management as a stepping stone to move into a managerial role within a large operating company like TAQA.


Alnasser Babak
Manager, Xodus Group


Martina Ezike - MBA

One of the best decisions I made was studying an MBA at the University of Aberdeen. The course was well structured with lecturers who were committed to developing and mentoring future managers and leaders. I had loads of memorable experiences during my time at the University.

As an International student, I couldn’t wait to meet Nicki Duncan, whose friendliness and exceptional customer service skills made me believe University of Aberdeen was the best place to study. Another was the variety of courses; the highlight was the marketing simulation game which gave me solid foundation in marketing strategy and product positioning. Group and individual presentations at the business school built my confidence in public speaking.

Martina Ezike
Chief Executive, The Asthma and Allergy Foundation

Executive MBA

Ebraheem Alsamadi - Executive MBA

Choosing to study the Executive MBA with the University of Aberdeen Business School is a decision that I will never regret, as this has not only been an excellent educational experience, but also a phenomenal opportunity to advance my leadership skills, knowledge and experience of fundamental business skills. 

David Steyn - MSc Finance & Real Estate

I had always kept an eye on potential courses at the University of Aberdeen based on my family’s extensive experience and success in graduating from the University. Once the time in my life was right, and I saw a top level, unique course available, I immediately applied.

I will be the 3rd generation of my family to graduate from the University of Aberdeen, after my grandfather who did his PhD in the 1960’s, my father and his 5 siblings that attended during  the 1980’s, and now myself. Now I have graduated our family have their 10th University of Aberdeen Degree.

I studied Finance and Real Estate, which is an innovative degree offering from the University of Aberdeen. Pioneering the connection between the worlds of finance and real estate, the course allowed me to utilise my industry experience, further my knowledge base, and build a global network. 

Ike Ibekwe - MSc Real Estate

Having been away from an academic setting for a very long time, it was refreshing to settle into an environment that made it extremely easy for me to learn and apply knowledge at a comfortable pace. The University’s well-established structures and infrastructures were great at routinely harnessing my energy and efforts to achieve outcomes that often exceeded my expectations.

And of course Aberdeen is alive with a vibrant culture that would suit most people’s preferences. It has an exciting and an engaging student community with various social, sports, entertainment, cultural and many other activities available in abundance.

I had regular access to top notch, industry leading guest speakers and had the opportunity to participate in the STAR Award extra-curricular program to enhance skills and employability.

Aberdeen is a place to make friends and to grow. The teaching and support staff are great and very supportive of students. The University actively promotes friendly and respectful atmosphere, which encourages and supports learning. You can be the best you can be at Aberdeen; the system has been rigged in your favour. Therefore, a decision for Aberdeen is a decision for success.